Best Tablet Stands

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A tablet stand is a convenient way to view and use the tablet and save you from struggling to free your hands. It's an accessory that's much more useful than a case and designed to hold multiple types of tablets and smartphones.

Set the stand to give you the best viewing angle and enjoy using your secured tablet, or phone, wherever you are seated, which can be your bed, sofa, or work desk.

We have studied many tablet stands that are currently available and compiled a list of the best ones for you to consider.

Best overall

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Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

Staff pick for the best overall

Use the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand for any tablet or phone and use the adjustable support to tilt for the best viewing angle. Rubber pads prevent any scratching and hold the screen safely and securely, while the smooth lines give the whole setup a pleasing look.

The steel alloys material makes this stand both durable and lightweight for easy setup and portability. The Lamicall is compatible with most tablets out there.

Raise up to eye level

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KABCON Quality Tablet Stand

Best adjustable up to eye level

Use the KABCON Quality Tablet Stand to tilt the viewing angle in addition to raising the tablet height at the same time. You get twice the versatility. The solid backplate has a hole to increase airflow to the phone or tablet, and the stand works well with your device in the vertical or horizontal mode.

The Kabcon is made from spaceflight alloys for a light and sturdy construction and is suitable for most series of devices.

Lightweight and foldable

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MoKo Foldable Tablet Stand

Best portable stand

Fold the MoKo Foldable Tablet Stand and take it with you anywhere. It's a collapsable cradle with an adjustable viewing angle that uses two side screws to hold the angle and let you do what you need to do. A rubber skin covering protects the tablet from scratches, and the wire structure keeps the stand light and simple to use. Use it for any make of tablet you want.

Full circle swivel

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PWR+ Swivel Tablet Cell Phone Holder

Best holder that gives a 360 degree swivel

Whether you're at home or an exhibition, the PWR+ Swivel Tablet Cell Phone Holder will attract attention with the sleek look and ease of use. The sturdy metal and plastic combination offers a 150-degree adjustable mount and a 360-degree rotation clip. Use it to hold your tablet or smartphone in the kitchen, bedside, or office.

For uneven surfaces

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Tablift Tablet Stand

Best for use in bed or on the sofa

It's an alien spider. No, relax; it's only the Tablift Tablet Stand to hold any device and give you a convenient viewing angle from all uneven surfaces. Lying in bed or a sofa is no problem for the Tablift, just adjust the position of the legs for a comfortable view every time. When done, fold the flexible legs into a neat package and store away.

A colorful accessory

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Ipevo PadPillow Stand

For all generations

It's comfortable like a pillow but sturdy enough to place your tablet or phone at the perfect angle on your lap or stomach. The Ipevo PadPillow Stand folds out to provide space to a wireless keyboard and give wrist support. The 100 percent cotton material is soft and removable for hand washing. More excitingly, you can choose from fashionable colors like light khaki, charcoal gray, blue denim, and lemongrass. This stand is compatible with devices 10-inches long or shorter.

A tablet stand lets you do so much more with your hands

Want to cook a recipe from the internet? A computer is too big for the countertop, but a tablet on a stand is perfect to follow along. Adjust the angle to see all the details as you move across the kitchen floor. That is just one example of how useful a tablet stand can be.

Our recommendation is to get the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand for its compact and sleek styling to fit the function and decor. It's light and sturdy to take into any room or office and will accommodate any device up to 13-inches in length.

Even though it looks a little gangly, the Tablift Tablet Stand allows you to set up your tablet/phone on any surface. Moreover, you can watch it comfortably from a sitting or lying position.

Another useful accessory is the MoKo Foldable Tablet Stand that you can fold and take with you.