Best Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed animals are those snuggly toys warming hearts with their pleasant plush design. Resembling their wild counterparts in the animal kingdom, these tame stuffed creatures are the perfect play-ready alternatives. Whether it's the smoosh of a traditional teddy bear or flop of a hoppy bunny, these soft toys are an easy favorite. Stuffed animals are a classic gift for the children in your life (and, let's face it, the adults, too). You can find the perfect option with this collection of cuddle-worthy designs.

Staff pick

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Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three-Toed Sloth Plush - 12 inches

Slow and steady cuddles from a cute tree fanatic

Slow down and steal a squishy squeeze from this sluggish three-toed sloth. This slouchy 12-inch creature is soft and shaggy, made to resemble those tree-hanging mammals in South and Central America. The long branch-hugging arms and claws give this sloth a true-to-life look, and the cuddly composition makes it a must-have addition to the plush pile.

Classic teddy

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GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal - 18 inches

Huggable forest friend

Teddy bears are an essential stuffed animal, and this lumbering 18-inch bear is the perfect stuffed specimen for play and even hibernation. Philbin is a soft, textured teddy with a warm chocolate color, cute snoot, and floppy arms (essential for a gentle squeeze). Whether you place Philbin on a bed or in a toy box, this friendly face is sure to provide enjoyment for those ages one and up. Various sizes and package options are available to make this teddy yours.

Petite pachyderm

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Bedtime Originals Choo Choo Express Humphrey Elephant Plush - 9 inches

Unforgettable and gentle baby-friendly stuffed animal

You should pluck this petite, 9-inch pachyderm from the herd because its soft polyester construction is super cuddly. This sweet elephant, named Humphery, has flopping ears and a curling trunk. Its adorable design is crafted to entertain the youngest plush enthusiasts (infants and toddlers), but it's sure to make all ages want to sneak a squeeze. And, if this popular stuffed animal happens to need a little refresh, a quick trip to the washing machine will do the trick.

Cotton-tailed cutie

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Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Plush - 9 inches

Sweet floppy bunny with hoppy feet

Straight from the burrow, this hug-loving floppy-eared bunny can be the newest addition to any stuffed animal collection. This adorable 9-inch rabbit is shaped in soft and textured polyester, which makes it durable enough to withstand the tightest embraces. With large ready-to-hop feet, this cuddly bunny will almost jump into the arms of those ages three and up.

Lloveable llama

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Aurora World Flopsie Llama Stuffed Animal - 12 inches

Soft relaxed llama plush seeks herd

This cuddly 12-inch llama almost looks as if it strayed from the herd, with its fuzzy coat and realistic facial features. The lounging long-necked plush is bean-filled, making this sidekick extra huggable. Its soft design is perfect for those ages three and up. 

Otterly adorable

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Aurora World Miyoni Sea Otter Plush - 10 inches

Realistic sea-loving otter looking for hugs

This realistic otter plush emulates the adorable water-dwelling mammal, realistically capturing its cute features and coloring. You can almost see this soft 10-inch stuffed animal, leisurely chomping a fish or crustacean as it floats in the sea. This otter is made of durable, quality materials and brought to life with squishable bean fill.

Snuggly puppy

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Jellycat Squiggle Puppy Stuffed Animal - 9 inches

Soft pup perfect for babies on up

Cuddly canines are a must when it comes to a stuffed animal collection, and this fuzzy 9-inch pup is the perfect plush companion to befriend. With bi-colored fur, perky ears, and a tail that almost seems to wag, this pup is hard to pass up. Its made from ultra-soft polyester, perfect for pets and scritches. The squishy bean fill also gives the plush its huggable feel. There's no limit to who squeezes this cute pooch because it is suitable for all ages.

Fluff and stuff

Stuffed animals are plush toys designed to emulate our favorite creatures, crafted with squishy fills and soft fabrics. These cuddly companions are loveable likenesses of those wild members of the animal kingdom, including species like elephants, llamas, and otters. Our first pick is the Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three-Toed Sloth Plush - 12 inches. This furry tree-hanger knows the right pace, slow. It's long arms and claws are perfect for wrapping around a branch or giving a hug. This stuffed animal resembles its three-toed mammal family in South and Central America and will find a perfect home in your habitat.

If you're looking for a traditional stuffed animal, a teddy bear is a classic selection. The GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal - 18 inches is a friendly two-toned beast with a snuggly texture. This charming forest creature is soft to squeeze and is the perfect plush partner for any adventure.