Best Steam Diverter for Instant Pot

Freeasy Steam Release Diverter
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The Instant Pot is a real miracle worker in the kitchen. Delicious dishes that used to take hours to simmer can now be whipped up in minutes. One of my favorite parts of the process is the moment when you release the steam valve, knowing it's almost time to open the pot and see what miracles it has brought forth. That burst of steam can wreak havoc on your cabinets, however, or even cause burns if you get too close. Keep it under control with a steam diverter to divert clouds of steam into a more favorable direction that won't damage cabinets, paint, or you! 

Staff Fave

SteamMates Nelson

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SteamMates Nelson Steam Diverter (opens in new tab)

Always good for a smile

If you're going to buy a steam diverter, you might as well make sure it's a fun one! The Nelson dragon by SteamMates never fails to make me smile when he blows clouds of hot steam right out of his mouth. Even better, Nelson diverts the steam to the side instead of straight up into my cabinets. 

The Basics

The Steam Boss Steam Release Diverter

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The Steam Boss Steam Release Diverter (opens in new tab)

For a good reliable fix

A lot of steam diverters are silly and fun in the form of animals or characters, but if you're not into silly attachments on your appliances, check out the Steam Boss. This is a good quality solution that will divert Instant Pot steam in whatever direction you prefer. This brand promises reliable quality, durability, and a simple design that blends right in with the Instant Pot. 

Cute Factor

Freeasy Steam Release Diverter

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Freeasy Steam Release Diverter (opens in new tab)

Fun times with firefighter

Another fun choice, the firefighter steam diverter will appear to spray steam across the kitchen through a firehose. Not only is the little fireman a cute conversation starter, he will also keep your cabinets and hands safe as you divert steam into a safe direction. This is one of the most affordable steam diverters on our list, so it's a great pick if you're watching your budget as well. 

Budget Pick

House Again Steam Release Accessory

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House Again Steam Release Accessory (opens in new tab)

An affordable solution

The House Again steam diverter is a simple, straightforward solution for directing your Instant Pot steam into a safe direction, away from wood and away from you. The silicone accessory comes in several bright colors and shapes to fit your style, and it's available at a great low price. As a budget pick, it will get the job done and you can pick the color that best matches your kitchen!

Bird Lovers Only

Potheadz Steam Diverter for Instant Pot

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Potheadz Steam Diverter for Instant Pot (opens in new tab)

Mama bird to the rescue

Here's a steam diverter for all you animal and bird lovers! The Potheadz Steam Diverter comes in the form of a silicone mama bird and her baby. Mama bird appears to blow steam and looks like she's singing a merry tune whenever your meal is complete! It comes in two bright colors - red or blue.  

Best Design

Goldlion Steam Diverter

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Goldlion Steam Diverter (opens in new tab)

Sleek minimalist look

For those who appreciate minimal design, this curvy little number will fit right into your modern kitchen design. The curvy, attractive steam diverter will send steam straight down, keeping the air above and around the Instant Pot free of hot steam. It's sleek, it's smart, and it does its job well. 

Ready Aim Fire

HENMI Silicone Steam Diverter

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HENMI Silicone Steam Diverter (opens in new tab)

Tiny adjustable cannon

The best thing about this steam diverter, besides the fact that it looks like an adorable tiny cannon, is that it can be easily switched from one side to the other to quickly change the direction of steam flow. So you can end every Instant Pot cooking session with a full cannon salute, but safely - easily switching the steam flow into the safest direction. 

Getting Steamy

Avid Instant Pot users no longer have to worry about huge clouds of steam ruining their walls and cabinets; steam diverters will solve all of your Instant Pot steam problems. The hard part is deciding which one to buy! My fave is the Nelson Steam Diverter from SteamMates (opens in new tab) because, I mean, it's a whimsical dragon blowing steam across my kitchen. This is a fun way to end each Instant Pot adventure. If dragons aren't your thing though, there are lots of good choices.

For example, the Goldlion Steam Diverter (opens in new tab) is a simple, attractive solution that will fit perfectly into your modern kitchen. It also diverts stream downward, which is convenient if you need to be working above or around the Instant Pot while it's still steaming. When budget is an issue, you can't go wrong with the House Again Steam Release Accessory (opens in new tab). It's straightforward, easy, and very affordable. With the choices on this list, you're sure to find the perfect accessory to make your Instant Pot even more safe and convenient.