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Best Smart Water-Leak Detectors

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Smart water-leak detectors are an essential tool when it comes to home safety. The Fibaro Flood Sensor is a completely wireless option that allows it to be placed under or near potential water leak points and can notify you instantly via HomeKit if a leak is detected. We have gathered the best smart water-leak detectors to help you decide what is right for your needs.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Fibaro Flood Sensor

Reasons to buy
+Best Overall

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is a compact, battery powered solution, aimed at keeping you informed of any potential leaks in your home. The wireless design means you can place it almost anywhere, making it a perfect option to add monitoring where a plug is not available. Simply pair the flood sensor with HomeKit via its built in Bluetooth capabilities and set it under a sink, near a water heater, or anywhere else that has the potential to spring a leak.

Fibaro's Flood Sensor also supports external wired leads enabling it to reach behind places where the sensor may not fit into. Additional features for the flood sensor include temperature monitoring, which is added as a separate device in HomeKit, and both leak detection and temperature can integrate with other HomeKit devices. This allows tons of automation options, such as turning your smart lights blue if a leak is detected.

Those looking for an easy to setup option that allows them to set it and forget it can look no further than the Fibaro Flood Sensor. While it may not be the most used smart device in your home, it may be one of the most important if the worst case scenarios happen. Instant notifications to your iOS devices will allow you to stay on top of any issue that may arise and hopefully help prevent them from becoming a much bigger problem.

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Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

Reasons to buy
+Best Value

The Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor is a great value for those looking for basic water leak detection and happen to already have a SmartThings system already in their home. Samsung's tiny water leak sensor can be placed near any potential source of leaks and it runs on a single CR2 battery making it completely wireless.

The SmartThings water leak sensor sends notifications to your phone in case of emergency, and can even work with other SmartThings devices in your home. If a leak is detected, it has the capability to not only sound and alarm, but it can also turn off any electrical devices in the area, which can prevent even more damage from occurring.

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Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor

Reasons to buy
+Best Security

Smart home security experts, Ring, provides a wireless leak detection sensor that is compact and sleek. The Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor is a battery operated solution that allows it to be placed just about anywhere in the home. A 3-year battery life means that it will be operating in the background for years to come. 

Ring's sensor communicates via Z-Wave to the Ring Alarm system and can be placed up to 250 foot away ensuring that it will work in the further reaches of your home. In addition to leak detection, a built in temperature sensor can determine if the area is too cold which could cause your water lines to freeze and potentially burst.

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iHome Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor

Reasons to buy
+Best Coverage

The iHome Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor provides two forms of leak detection in a small wireless unit. The base of iHome's sensor has water sensing contacts, and an attached six-foot lead can also determine if a leak has sprung. This allows the Dual Leak Sensor to cover multiple areas with just one device. 

Wi-Fi connectivity enables the Dual Leak Sensor to function wherever a signal is in your home. Best of all, the sensor communicates directly to your Wi-Fi router, with no additional hubs or systems required.

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Flume Smart Home Water Monitoring System

Reasons to buy
+Best Monitoring

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitoring System is designed to keep you aware of the water usage and flow within your home. A small, compact, unit is attached directly to your water meter via an included strap and requires no tools for installation. The water sensor is battery powered, and works up to 1,000 feet away from a separate bridge that you plug in. 

Once installed, the Flume Monitoring System will be on the lookout 24/7 for any potential leaks and will alert you instantly if a problem is found. Since Flume's device attaches directly to your water meter, you do not have to worry about placement as it measures water flow to determine if any leaks are occurring.

Stop the leaks

Smart water-leak detectors are a great way to add a little extra peace in mind to your home. Normally operating in silence, leak detectors come to life at the crucial moment where the first signs of water are found. Completely wireless options can be placed almost anywhere in the home, and whole home monitoring solutions can be installed that can shut off all the water to your home if any abnormalities are detected.

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is a solid choice for those looking for an easy to set up, set it and forget it solution. Powerful automations can be created to flash the lights in your home or sound an alarm if a leak is detected thanks to HomeKit integration. Fibaro's sensor also acts as a temperature sensor, and a built in tamper alarm will notify you if it happens to be moved from its position once set.