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Nothing beats the oozy fun of drippy, slippery slime. It squishes and stretches for hours of tactile fun. Slime is available in a variety of colors, some options even boasting fun features like sweet scents, magnetism, and more. Choose from our fun selection to partake in the flexible fun.  

Staff pick

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Elmer’s Celebration Slime Kit

Get in the act with this slime creator set

Making slime is half the fun, and the Elmer’s Celebration Slime Kit provides all the ingredients to create an assortment of it. The all-in-one formula, added with the different glues and additives, will generate up to ten different slime creations. All the contents are safe for kids to play, which include teal metallic paste, glow in the dark green glue, red to yellow color-changing glue, and much more to explore.

Changes color with heat

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MIASTAR Color Changing Heat Sensitive Putty Slime

Squishy slime with all the colors

Handling will activate the colors of this heat-sensitive slime to change and fascinate your child. As soon they put it down, the colors will gradually revert to restart the process. The soft mud stimulates the innovative part of the brain to create models by folding and pulling the putty, and even though it's for children three years and older, adults can enjoy it too.

Best stress release

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Arfun Magnetic Therapy Putty

Stress-relieving slime with magnetic properties

This fun putty can be stretched and bounced like rubber, and sculpted like clay for hours of concentrated inventing. It's not sticky, leaves no residue, and certified as safe for play. Relieve stress by just squeezing, or molding different shapes without getting your hands dirty, and watch the effect magnets have on the creations.

Peach scented

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MannyBen Fluffy Scented Peach Slime

Soft, slimy, and scented

The MannyBen fluffy slime is super soft with high consistency, stretched, and non-sticky. A delicate peach scent adds to the enjoyment of playing with a unique texture. Even though it's aimed at kids, the parents will enjoy playing with it too.


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JELLO Monster & Unicorn Slime Gelatin Dessert Mix

Slimy style that's also edible

How much more fun can it be? You make the slime and get to eat it too. You get a canister of Monster slime and one of Unicorn slime, and each makes two large batches. It's excellent for parties where the kids can make the lime or strawberry flavored slimes, play with that, and eat their creations.

Educational and a game

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National Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

Each and every color

Trust National Geographic to create educational slime. This kit comes with six varieties in storage tins for a complete lab. Let the fun begin with all the collection having properties like magnetic, glow in the dark, bouncing, snotty, and fluffy. A 16-page full-color learning guide lays out the science behind all the slime and putty.

It's a surprise


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Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Collectible Slime

Adorable slime-themed collectible

Let your kid have a new unboxing experience. Each box contains a mystery Cutie Tootie character. There are over 30 different types of slime to try and over 25 different characters to collect. Can your child hold their excitement?

Get slimy

Squishy slime is great for kids (and the adults too). We think you should seriously consider the Elmer's Celebration Slime Kit since it supplies enough material to make ten different types of non-toxic slimes. The variations are sure to entertain.

If the parents are also looking to calm their nerves, then the Arfun Magnetic Therapy Putty will not only stretch the children's imagination but give them calmer parents too. The magnetic putty leaves no residue and can be extended and bounced like rubber.

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