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Best Ski Goggles

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If you ski, you know that goggles are a must! Slapping a pair of goggles over your eyes protects your baby blues from the sun, wind, and weather. Next time you're ready to stir up some powder, grab one of our favorite pair of goggles.

Staff pick

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Wildhorn Outfitters Roca (opens in new tab)

Does everything right

The goggles I pack in my ski boot bag is from Roca. With Aurora lens technology, I'm always guaranteed a clear, undistorted view with maximum visibility. I love the interchangeable magnetic lenses. It's so simple to pop a new lens on when conditions call for a change. These are anti-fog and anti-scratch, and they've held up well over the long haul. The elastic strap at the back is comfortable, and it's easy to made adjustments even on the lift. If you need a durable pair of goggles with interchangeable lenses, the Roca is for you.

Wide variety

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OutdoorMaster OTG (opens in new tab)

Fits over glasses

If you wear glasses, you want the over-the-glasses (OTG) model of goggles from OutdoorMaster. You'll get 100 percent UV protection, helmet compatibility, and enough room inside to wear your eyeglasses as you usually would. The frames are TPU and soft and bendable, and the lens has dual-layer technology that includes an anti-fog coating. Choose from 14 colors and styles, all priced affordably. OutdoorMaster includes a soft carrying pouch to protect the goggles when not in use.

Winter sport ready

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Zionor X4 (opens in new tab)

Fast lens swapping

The Zionor X4 goggles are great for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or even winter biking. Dual layers prevent the glass from fogging up while giving you the very best in UV protection. The strap stays in place, fits over a helmet, and it's easy to adjust on the fly. Eight magnets are built into each lens to hold it tight against the frame, and they can be switched out in seconds to work with different light conditions or terrain. These goggles are super durable, and replacement lenses won't break the bank.

Best price

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Cooloo Ski Goggles (2-pack) (opens in new tab)

Twice the protection

If you tend to misplace your gear or you're buying for two, steer toward this two-pack of Cooloo goggles. These goggles have a smaller footprint than most, making them easier to tuck away in a jacket pocket or ski boot bag. The frames are ABS and impact-resistant, and the lenses keep sun reflections out of your eyes so you can safely enjoy your time outdoors.

Just for kids

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Akaso Snow Goggles (opens in new tab)

Long term comfort

To offer maximum protection, ski goggles need to fit correctly. That's why your kids need a pair that's sized just for them. These goggles from Akaso are made with kids' head shapes and sizes in mind. Spherical lenses give a clear view that removes glare while protecting against the sun. There are also silicone strips on the strap that hold these goggles tight against your child's helmet.

Protect your eyes

The Roca from Wildhorn Outfitters (opens in new tab) is tops on my list in every way that counts. This is the pair I reach for when hitting the slopes or heading into the backcountry to do a little cross country skiing. The lens is clear, undistorted, and gives you a wide viewing range. It's also scratch-resistant and has yet to fog up on me. Big plus: lenses are magnetic and interchangeable.

If you wear glasses, there's nothing better than Outdoor Master OTG goggles (opens in new tab). You get a super clear viewing experience, a design that's helmet-friendly, plus enough room inside to wear your eyeglasses, too.

For kids, you want the ski goggles from Akaso (opens in new tab). These child-size goggles offer the same excellent protection as adult counterparts but are perfectly fitted for smaller heads. They're also helmet-friendly.