Best Puzzles for Adults

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Engage your mind with the challenge of a knowledge-testing puzzle. Puzzles are just that, puzzling. They are meant to engage your analytical and problem-solving skills to unlock the answers and solve each brain-quizzing quandary. From the advanced puzzler to the novice, those looking for a fun teaser can choose from an array of unique options, including dimensional wooden puzzles and the standard jigsaw. Your puzzle quest can come to an end because we've collected the perfect perplexing options for adults.

Staff Pick

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Educational Insights Kanoodle Puzzle Game

2-D or 3-D puzzles

Limber up your logic with this puzzle game, including 200 options in two cranium-challenging formats: 2-D and 3-D. The puzzling adventure begins when a design is selected from the provided book and replicated with the colorful beads. Each puzzle can be solved on the handy game board, which also doubles as a carrying case. Don't worry, this puzzle-packed set includes teasers to satisfy all skill levels from basic to difficult.

Metal square

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Bepuzzled Square Hanayama Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

Build and rebuild

Put mind over metal with this complex puzzle that requires a nimble brain and fingers. This puzzle's challenge is twofold; it can be deconstructed and then reconstructed. The unassuming square design might not look intimidating, but this metallic puzzle was engineered to test your analytical skills with a level-six difficulty rating. Each piece has a unique shape and purpose. It's your job to determine the function and fit. This cerebral square is not the only design option; there are several puzzle choices available.

Classic cube

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Winning Moves Rubik's Cube

Coordinate colorful squares

If you're looking for a traditional puzzle, you can't go wrong with the Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube is that colorful stack of squares, easily manipulated but not-so-easily solved. The multihued 3-by-3-inch square, once mixed, must be returned to its original state. Each of the six faces should represent one of the colors: red, blue, yellow, green, white, and orange. The entertainment isn't over once you solve the puzzle. Take on this twisty cube over and over, for endless amounts of mind-stretching fun. Just disperse the vibrant boxes and start again.

Wooden sphere

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KINGOU Wooden Ball Puzzle

Best puzzle shape a-round

This spherical puzzle is composed of a variety of unique round and stick shapes that interlock to form a circular design. Each wooden piece achieves the perfect fit with precise construction. The segmented sphere has two equally-thrilling puzzling options; it can be disassembled or assembled. You'll sharpen your mind time and again with this challenging 2.36-inch puzzle.

Wooden cube

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Sharp Brain Zone Original 3-D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Greatest puzzle on the block

You can construct a wooden cube with this dimensional wooden puzzle. Each geometric piece interlocks, creating a perfect fit as they are stacked. It's your mission to assemble the pieces into a cube using spacial reasoning. A wooden brace accompanies the puzzle pieces to support and stabilize the wooden structure.

Planetary jigsaw

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CHAFIN 1,000-Piece Space Jigsaw Puzzle

Space is a puzzling place

Travel to space in 1,000 pieces with this eye-catching jigsaw puzzle. Building this puzzle means you can partake in an intense lunar landing, featuring a collection of planets and floating satellites, piece by piece. This artistic puzzle is saturated with bold colors and features a complex arrangement to exercise your brain. Once complete, the puzzle measures at 27.56-by-19.69 inches.

Circular jigsaw

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Bgraamiens 1,000-Piece Blooming Color Round Jigsaw Puzzle

Bold, beautiful, and floral-inspired

Vibrant colors define this intricate circular puzzle, detailed with loads of layered petals. The variety of bold hues, ranging from lemony yellows to garden-inspired greens, make this unconventional jigsaw a lovely challenge. Once the 1,000-piece puzzle is complete, it will measure at a diameter of 26.6 inches.

Use your head

A puzzle is a great way to occupy your brain, sharpening your analytical and problem-solving skills. There are a variety of interesting puzzle options to keep your mind busy, including dimensional wooden puzzles and the classic jigsaw. Our first choice when it comes to puzzling is the Educational Insights Kanoodle Puzzle Game. This puzzle set offers over 200 options in 2-D and 3-D formats. You can use the colorful beads to replicate the designs provided in the included book. Each puzzle can be constructed on the convenient game board, which also doubles as a carrying case.

If a more traditional puzzle is what you're after, the CHAFIN 1,000-Piece Space Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect selection. This planetary puzzle combines all of space's wonders in one 1,000-piece jigsaw. The complex lunar landscape, when pieced together, measures at 27.56-by-19.69 inches.