Best Nail Files

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Whether you're in between salon appointments or prefer a personal touch, lovely nails are possible with the right tools, like a handy nail file. A nail file is that beautification basic designed to shorten and shape for a refined finish. No matter what shape you choose, classic round, simple square, or an edgy point, a file can offer a little personality to drab nails. Nail files are available in a variety of styles, from glass to stainless steel, and we've assembled the best choices available.

Staff pick

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Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files - 3 Pieces

Trio of multi-size tempered glass files

If your nails need a little love, this collection of formidable and fancy ombré files will hone nails with ease. Each of the three nail files is double-sided and crafted in durable Czech tempered glass. The etched surface glides across the roughest nails, gently shaping without tension. (So, you can forget about pesky splits and breakage as you trim.) When not in use, each file is accompanied by a soft, protective black case for sanitary storage. Throw these files in a purse, make-up case, or pocket; the variety of sizes (7.67 inches, 5.31 inches, and 3.54 inches) will be perfect for any nail emergency.

Electric file

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Beurer Professional Manicure and Pedicure Nail Drill Kit - 24 Pieces

Achieve salon-style results with multiple attachments

If manual files are too time-consuming, this electric-powered nail drill kit shapes nails efficiently. With 18 speed settings, this nail drill uses precise attachments, of which there are ten, and quick rotations to effortlessly trim nails. The attachments are constructed in sturdy stainless steel and fulfill several useful functions from ingrown nail removal to smoothing toenails. The drill also has an LED light to illuminate your workspace for precision and a dust protector to collect stray nail residue. You can store this salon-savvy instrument and its accessories in the included zipper case.

File with case

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Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail File and Case

Colorful glass file with a convenient case

Healthy impeccably-shaped nails are possible with this 5.3-inch Czech glass file. Its sleek and sturdy construction offers nails a gently textured surface for expert trimming without the tug and pull of a traditional file. Since this file smoothly refines nails, it reduces maintenance hardships like splits and encourages growth. This file includes a travel-ready hard case for on-the-go filing situations. Several color options are available to make this beauty accessory a fast favorite.

File and buffers

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TsMADDTs Nail File and Buffer Set - 12 Pieces

File and buff to perfection with this versatile collection

Get down to the nitty-gritty with this nail file and buffer set. This collection includes six files and six buffer blocks, perfect for whipping your nails into shape. The 7-inch nail files are double-sided with a coarse sandpaper-style surface, offering both natural and artificial nails the definition they deserve. Each side has different grits for effective shaping; the 180 grit side is great for natural nails, and the 100 grit side is ideal for artificial nails. This set also includes colorful 3.74-inch buffer blocks, with an emery surface on each of the four sides, for additional nail refinement options.

Acrylic files

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Makartt Nail File Set - 10 Pieces

Sturdy nail-shaping set for acrylics

This sturdy 10-piece nail file set trims and shapes nails without fail. Each double-sided file has different grit levels (100 grit and 180 grit) to smooth and shape acrylic and even natural nails. These 7-inch files are made with quality adhesive tape and emery board materials, easily contouring nails without bending. They're simple to clean too, just rinse with water.

Stainless steel

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Diamon Deb 8-inch Stainless Steel Nail File

Sleek stainless steel file with a crystal treatment

Master manicures and pedicures with this sturdy nail shaper. Its constructed from durable stainless steel to endure stress and pressure, delivering the right nail silhouette with every use. The  double-sided crystal surface trims nails easily, preventing splitting and peeling. You can sheath this nail-loving file in the included cover to keep it safe between uses. 

Nail it

Salon-worthy results are possible when it comes to at-home manicures and pedicures. With the right tools, you can trim and impeccably shape your nails. And, a nail file is an essential tool. Though it's a make-up bag basic, your file of choice must trim without mistreating your nails. It's always best to avoid tools that cause dreaded chips and cracks. Our first choice is the Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files - 3 Piece. These strong files are made of Czech tempered glass, the etched sides providing fluid stress and damage-free strokes as you shape. Each file is a different size to accommodate your nail needs (7.67 inches, 5.31 inches, and 3.54 inches) and is accompanied by a protective case.

If you're looking for a faster nail-filing alternative, the electric-powered Beurer Professional Manicure and Pedicure Nail Drill Kit - 24 Pieces is a great choice. With 18 speed settings and ten interchangeable heads, this customizable drill-style filing system uses speedy rotations and specialized attachments to precisely maintain nails. An LED light and dust protector make this efficient tool a convenient must-have.