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Best mouse mats

best mouse mats
(Image credit: Photo by Luis VIllafranca on Unsplash)

The best mouse mat might be the comfiest, in which case you want an ergonomic one. Perhaps the best mouse mat is one with a silky smooth surface your mouse can glide over, or one that's functional but looks chic in your workspace. This edit of the best mouse mats includes all these and more.

Staff pick

new horrizon mouse mat

(Image credit: New Horrizon)

New horrizon anti-slip mouse mat

Comfy wrist support

The best mouse mat is a true bargain and comes with a gel foam wrist support for extra comfort. It's designed to relieve wrist stress and reduce fatigue.

It's anti-slip and has a smooth soft covering. It's big enough to fit most mice but small enough to go anywhere. It's also compatible with ball, wired, optical and wireless mice. 

Best for comfort

GIM mouse mat set

(Image credit: GIM)

GIM mouse mat set

Comes with a keyboard wrist support

The best mouse mat for comfort is this set from GIM, that comes with an additional wrist support bar for your keyboard. It's designed to help your wrists cope with hours of typing, and will work with all mice and keyboards. It's non-slip, super smooth, and made of memory foam.

Big surface area

Knodel mouse mat

(Image credit: Knodel)

Knodel desk pad

Turn your desktop into a mouse pad

This desk pad will turn your desktop into a mouse pad, which is ideal if you need a little more surface area for your mouse. It comes in three sizes, and made in a PU leather material. It's tough, durable, and double-sided.

Metal finish

Vaydeer mouse mat

(Image credit: Vaydeer)

Vaydeer hard silver metal mouse pad

Stylish and durable

This mouse pad comes in a metal finish for a stylish and hardy design. It's reversible, so you can flip it and use the PU leather finish too. Plus, it's waterproof and easy to clean. 

For gamers

RGB mouse mat

(Image credit: RGB)

RGB gaming mouse mat

LED backlit

This gaming mouse mat is backlit by LEDs and has 10 lighting modes. It's big enough to cover your desktop and give you total freedom with your mouse. Plus, it's powered by plug-and-pay USB.

Decorative option

ITNRSIIET mouse mat

(Image credit: ITNRSIIET)


13 design options

This mouse mat comes in 13 different design variations and is the ideal choice if you want a functional yet fun mat. Its edges are sewed to prevent curling, and it has a super smooth surface. This mouse mat is also fade-proof, so you can keep cleaning it without ruining the design.

Swipe the best mouse mats

The best mouse mat in terms of value is from New Horrizon, thanks to its low price and ergonomic wrist support. The best for comfort is the mouse mat and keyboard wrist support bar from GIM.

If you want to turn your desktop into a mouse mat, the desk pad from Knodel is the best for work - and the backlit mouse mat from RGB is best for gaming.

If you want a stylish mouse mat, the best options are the silver metal one from Veydeer, or the round mat from ITNRSIIET that has 13 design variations.