Best Mini Fridges

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If you want to store food in a dorm room, keep mixers chilled at your home bar, or you’re just sick of walking all the way from your office to the kitchen to grab a soda, a mini fridge is a great option. Mini fridges come in a variety of sizes and colors, making sure they not only fit into your space but also fit in with your style. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite mini fridges to keep your stuff cool. 

Office companion

(Image credit: Cooluli)

Cooluli Mini Fridge

Incredibly lightweight and fits almost anywhere

Instead of sharing your legroom with a fridge, add one to the top of your desk with the Cooluli Mini Fridge. It’s small enough to fit neatly among your pens and paperwork, but big enough to hold a few drinks. It can also fit a small lunch, so you won’t have to write your name on everything and use the office fridge.  

Fridge and freezer

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Midea Double Door Mini Fridge

Store frozen treats in addition to fridge items

If you need a smaller version of a standard top-freezer fridge, this model is for you. Ideal for dorm rooms, small apartments, or even the office, you can store everything you need for fresh meals and snacks. The freezer compartment can keep ice, as well as frozen treats, and there's even a clear bin in the fridge portion for veggies. 

Collector favorite

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Coca Cola Portable Mini Cooler

Matches all of the iconic memorabilia

If you love Coca Cola or know someone who does, this adorable polar bear fridge is sure to delight. The bright red color will match with other Coke memorabilia, and the interior has space for six 12 ounce cans of soda. It also comes with an adapter to power it from your car or RV.  


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AstroAI Mini Fridge

Travel is easy with the carry handle

Looking for an eco-friendly mini fridge? AstroAI offers this 4-liter mini fridge that doesn't contain any freon and runs at a low noise level of 25dB. The convenient carry handle lets you take it to work or in and out of the car with ease. It's a great size for storing lunches, breast milk in your nursery, or skincare products in your bathroom.

The classic

(Image credit: BLACK and DECKER)

BLACK and DECKER Compact Refrigerator

A reliable mini fridge you've seen before

Choose this option if you’re looking for the classic mini fridge. There’s a soda can holder, along with a wire rack for larger bottles, built into the door. A small freezer compartment can fit a couple of frozen entrees or some ice trays. Offered in black, silver, and white, you can easily add this mini fridge to a cart or table for extra cold storage in a small space.  

Keep it cool

What’s cooler than having cold beverages in your office or in an upstairs room? Having a mini fridge to store them in! If your primary need for a mini fridge is to store a few drinks, one lunch, or skincare products, then we believe the Cooluli Mini Fridge is your best choice. The tiny footprint and low noise production of this model means it can fit almost anywhere without bothering you. It even works in your car, so your drinks won’t get warm on the way to or from your destination. 

If you need a bit more space, we recommend the Midea Double Door Mini Fridge. Not only can you keep drinks, dairy, and fresh vegetables cold, there’s also a freezer compartment that stores frozen entrees and ice cream. This is a great choice for any room (like a basement or master bedroom)  that is far away from the main fridge or used as a primary fridge for a small apartment or dorm room.