Best Mason Jars

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Created by American inventor John Landis Mason, mason jars are a ubiquitous household item that most of us don't even think twice about having in our homes. Originally intended for use as an airtight way of preserving food, mason jars are still used for this purpose today, but have also become popular as drinking vessels, to hold candles, in home decor, and for use in crafts. 

Whatever the reason you're looking to expand your mason jar collection, we can help. We have found a strong selection of the very best mason-style jar sets around, from options with handles designed to be used as mugs, to wall-mounted jars for versatile storage solutions and stackable jars offering tiered containers.  

Heritage Collection

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4-Pack of Ball Regular Mouth 16-Ounce Mason Jars with Lids

A traditional set of four classic jars

Made in America by the Ball Mason Jar Company, these traditional jars from the company's "Heritage Collection" are the same as your grandmother would have used. They each have a 16-ounce capacity and measure in with dimensions of  5-inches by 3.25-inches. With the classic lid and airtight band, they are ideal for small-scale preserving, for storing dried ingredients, as well as for cosmetics and candles. On two sides the jars feature measurements, with one side marking levels for metric measures, and the other side imperial.  


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Kilner Stackable Storage Mason Jar Set

An attractive way to store a trio of supplies

This unusual storage solution gets Kilner's trademark orange rubber gasket and clip-to-close design at the top of the stack, and relies on a more neutral colored rubber seal between jars. These jars offer an eye-catching way to store all and any small items around you home from hair accessories on your dressing table, cotton balls in your bathroom and small items in craft rooms. In the kitchen, the triple design lends itself brilliantly to tea, coffee, and sugar. Fill this up with baked treats or candy to create a fab gift idea. 

With Handles

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6-Pack of Estilo Mason Jar Mugs

Old-fashioned drinking glasses

The absolutely perfect drinking vessels for barbecues, garden parties, camping and cook-outs, we love this set of six jar mugs from Estilo. Designed for cold liquids, the mugs have a 16-ounce, or 450ml capacity and measure in at 5-inches high and 2.75-inches wide. The lovely old-fashioned embossed script design reads "Refreshing Ice Cold Drink." The bundled lids are made of tin and have a screw-on design, useful if you want to store your beverage in the fridge, and essential to transport your drink of choice round to a friend's garden. 


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4-Pack of Mastertop Wide Mouth Mason Preserving Jars

Leak-proof rubber gaskets and clip top lids

While there's no reason you can't use these jars for storing preserves, pickled goods, and other "wet" ingredients, these are arguably better suited for storing dry store cupboard products. The wide mouth design means it's easy to get a scoop inside. With capacities ranging from 500ml to 1.5-liters, these jars work well for coffee, pasta, rice, pulses, flour, sugar, and similar. Rather than the two-piece metal lid design, these jars feature a wired closure that comprises of a leak-proof rubber gasket and clip-close lids. Made of high-quality glass, and with stainless steel clips, these heavy duty jars are safe to go through the dishwasher. 

Farmhouse Style

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MyGift Wall-Mounted Organizer with Four Mason Jars

An unusual and useful Mason jar storage solution

This awesome storage solution could have so many fabulous uses. For cosmetic accessories in the bathroom, for stationery in the office, for candles, plants and lights for home decor, or obviously for essential supplies in the kitchen. On a rustic grey wooden back, you get four, five-inch tall wide mouth Mason jars attached by metal clamps which have an attractive embossed design. Each jar has an erasable chalkboard label above it so you can make a note of the contents. Overall, this measures in at 16-inches wide, by 7.7 inches tall, by 4.25 inches deep. 

Mason Shotz

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Set of 8 Premium Vials Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Handles

Mini Mason jars make for fun drinking games

We're taking a walk (or shall I say, stumble?) on the lighter side of things with this set of eight mini Mason jars that can be used as shot glasses. If you consider that a standard shot is approximately 1.5 ounces, these have an ideal two-ounce capacity. Sturdy and well-made, these have a height of 2.6-inches and an opening diameter of 1.3-inches. The glasses have cute little handles and come complete with screw-on lids. 

Mason Jar Accessory

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Jarware Coffee Spoon Clip for Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Get the scoop with a clip-on spoon attachment

Our final product suggestion is not a Mason jar, but a really clever Mason jar accessory. From Jarware, an innovative US company that uses recycled materials, this scoop spoon fits onto the side of a jar. It works best with wide mouth, 16-inch Mason jars from any manufacturer. The spoon itself measures just under six inches long, is BPA-free and made of recycled materials. The spoon's capacity is one tablespooon, so as well as coffee, you could use this for any dry ingredients such as flour or sugar. The spoon is available in smart black or vibrant orange.  

Join the Masons

Our overall recommendation if you're looking to invest in some new Mason jars is the classic Ball Regular Mouth 16-Ounce Mason Jars with Lids. This four-pack comes from the company's "Heritage Collection" and is a totally timeless choice.

Anyone who wants Mason jars to drink from should consider the Estilo Mason Jar Mugs. This durable six-pack of glass jars with handles makes a great house-warming gift, and will prove useful — and fun — at barbecues and garden parties for years to come.