Best Lunch Boxes, Bentos, and Insulated Bags

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My kids, like many others, hate school lunch. Even my high schoolers prefer to bring their mid-day meal rather than face the lunch lady. Here are some of the lunch boxes, bags, and containers I've found that help keep food hot, cold and appetizing in between catching the bus and lunchtime.

Staff Pick

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PackIt Lunchbox

Freezable Lunchbox

The PackIt Lunchbox walls are insulated with a freezable gel. Place it in the freezer overnight and the entire lunchbox will be cold enough to keep foods chilled for several hours. This is a great solution for keeping fruits, veggies, cheese, yogurt and other fresh food good and cold for lunch. Choose from 14 different colors and styles that are perfect for kids from preschool to college.


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MIER Lunch Tote

Insulated Lunch Bag

The MIER is a double-decker lunch bag with two insulated compartments that keeps both hot and cold foods, at the same time, without interfering with the temperatures of each other. Additional pockets on the outside of the tote gives you more space to send more food with your child. It has a sturdy handle and an adjustable, removable strap for easy carrying.

Superb and Stackable

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Enther Meal Prep Containers

Bento Boxes

These bento-style meal containers come in a bundle of 12 to make it easy to prepare lunches for the whole week ahead of time. The Enther Meal Prep Containers have three sections to keep foods from touching each other. The lids are easy to get on and off and keep foods from spilling.

Built for Kids

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Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

Bento-style Lunchbox

The Bentgo Kids Lunchbox is specifically designed for kids up to 7 years old. It is made with five different food sections and a lid that stays attached to the container when opened. It's spill-proof and drop-proof, which is a great solution for young, active students. It also comes in three different colors if you like a bit of variety! 

Stainless Steel Container

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Stable during travel

This bento-style lunch container is BPA free and dishwasher safe. The three-compartment design keeps foods from touching each other as it bumps along in your child's backpack. The lid seals food tightly to avoid spills and is easy for little hands to get off and put back on.

Bottom line

Packing a child's lunch is an art and balancing healthy foods, tapping into your child's favorite menu items and including a good variety isn't easy. The Enther bento boxes have three sections with lids that are easy to get on and off while still keeping foods from spilling. You can get a bundle of twelve containers for one price which makes it easy to prepare lunches for the whole week at one time. The containers stack nicely, too. 

If you're looking for an adult option the Mier Lunch Tote is excellent. It has different compartments and can easily handle even larger packed lunches. It's insulated to keep your food at a proper temperature, and with it's handle and strap is easy to carry.