Best Laptop Stands

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Maintaining good posture while working is a lot easier with a laptop stand.  It lets you elevate your computer, and some options are even tall enough for standing desks. This is an excellent way to ensure you don't end up with neck problems at the end of a long day, and we collected some top-notch options for you here! 

Best overall

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PWR+ laptop stand

Durable and adjustable

Whether you're at a desk or planning to use your computer from the comfort of your bed, the PWR+ laptop stand delivers a stellar option. It features adjustable legs, an aluminum stand, and even a small side stand suitable for notecards or your mouse. It features aluminum legs, a rotating tray, and cooling fans, so you never overheat in the middle of a meeting! This option is super durable and can also be used as a bookstand, breakfast tray, and more! 

Best Portable

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Roost Laptop Stand

Take it along anywhere

This portable stand is a work of magic that can completely fold up into a frame small and thin enough to fit into a pocket. When you extend everything out, though, you'll have a fully functioning, height adjustable (6–11 inches) stand, which makes this product extremely useful for travelers. Its extreme compactness makes it a pricey option, though. 

Best Durable

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Rain Design mStand

The tough stuff

The Rain Design mStand trades height adjustment and overall versatility for a very durable build, as the entire stand is made out of sturdy aluminum that both resists damage and acts as a heat sink for the laptop. As long as you don't want to raise your device higher than six inches, this stand will be an excellent choice. 

Best Elevator Style

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Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Airflow for the win

If you'd prefer something with an "elevator" type of style, look no further than Griffin Technology's offering. It stands at 5.5 inches tall and is constructed out of aluminum for high durability, but it uses two prongs instead of a full flatbed design to hold your device. This means that your laptop will have much more airflow than many other stands on this list.

Bottom line

Laptop stands are an incredibly efficient tool that will allow people to elevate their devices so that they can comfortably use them with a better posture, or even while standing. They're also not terribly expensive either (most of the time), which makes purchasing one an awesome investment if you're interested in using your laptop in a healthier way in the long run. 

All of the laptop stands on this list are excellent, and each one is sure to appeal to someone based on what they're specifically looking for. However, in the end, we feel that the PWR+ laptop stand is the best of the best. It includes USB cooling fans, is durable and adjustable, and can be used for more than just your computer. If you want the best all-around product, this is the stand to pick up! 

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