Best hammocks

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Reclining in a hammock is the epitome of relaxation. Whether you're at home or out camping, a hammock is a pure pleasure you can enjoy at any time. It's like having your mobile bed with you anywhere you go. 

The modern hammocks are lightweight and made to compress down quickly to fit into backpacks or small bags, so you can always have one as you travel. With so many choices on the market, we have picked our favorites for you to consider.

Staff pick

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Wise Owl Outfitters hammock

Made from parachute nylon

This one-person hammock weighs only sixteen ounces while the two-person one comes in at twenty-six ounces. It folds down to less than the size of a loaf of bread to easily stow into a backpack, so the compacted hammock can go with you anywhere.

Setting up is a breeze since the tree straps and carabiners already included. The straps are nine feet long and have five separate loops, so you can adjust the hammock height for your perfect comfort.

Ideal for two people

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Winner Outfitters double camping hammock

Supports up to five hundred pounds weight

This two-person hammock is easy to set up and made from lightweight and durable parachute fabric. You get all the attachments needed for setup, except the trees! The tree straps have sixteen loops, each for making smooth height adjustments.

Pick from a range of vibrant colors to fit your mood, and you're ready for adventure.

Best for backpacking

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Legit camping double hammock

Camping couples will love this hammock

If you're heading out on an outdoor adventure, be sure to take this four hundred-pound capacity Legit double hammock with you. It's ideal for sharing since it's big enough for two. When it's time to leave, pack everything away into the attached bag that's small enough to store in your backpack. All the required hardware comes with the hammock. 

Extra large

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Gold Armour camping hammock

Unique strap design is twice as strong

Sit or lay down in this hammock with a friend, and you will still have room left over. The ample nylon parachute fabric is lightweight and built to withstand five hundred pounds, while the distinctively styled strap can withstand one thousand pounds. The carrying pouch is conveniently sewn into the hammock, making it easy to pack and unpack the bed in seconds.

Best for budget

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Anyoo single cotton outdoor hammock

Woven cotton

Easy on your pocket and comfortable on your back, the Anyoo hammock is of a tightly woven cotton material with rope hangers on both ends. It comes with wide straps that can handle up to four hundred and fifty pounds, so go ahead and share it with a friend. Well suited for your patio or backyard, hang the Anyoo on a hammock stand or anything safe and enjoy the swing. You can leave it hanging where it is or store it away in the accompanying drawstring bag.

Woven cotton rope

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Best Choice Products 2-person cotton rope hammock

Finished hardwood spreader bars

This style just screams "beach." The weave pattern of the extra thick twisted cotton allows airflow while the spreader bars keep the hammock shape for a comfortable lie. Two people can safely share it for a combined weight of four hundred and fifty pounds. Put it up in the backyard and have it ready for use when the need arises, or take it with you in the carry bag with a shoulder strap.

The bottom line

Hammocks create a casual and relaxing place to kick back as they sway back and forth with the gentle wind. Once you're in one, the only concern is getting out of it and back to reality.

We think the best way of getting that moment is with the high-quality Wise Owl Outfitters hammock. The nylon parachute material is durable, but soft at the same time and comes in many colors.

For a classical look and sharing with a friend, try the Best Choice Products 2-person cotton rope hammock. The nine hundred feet of twisted cotton make the weave airy and comfortable for the body.