Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protectors

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra is quite the phone, huh? It has a massive 6.9-inch AMOLED display with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate, Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865 processor, and beastly rear camera setup with support for 100x zooming capabilities. The S20 Ultra packs a big punch, but without a screen protector, you risk ruining the experience.

Staff Pick

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Caseology Film Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Great in every way

Although it does have "case" in its name, Caseology also has a fantastic screen protector available for the S20 Ultra. It's a film protector that's available in a bundle of two, and it's a pretty fantastic value. Caseology promises crystal clear transparency, bubble-free installation, and a scratch-resistant coating that can even heal itself if/when it becomes damaged. How cool is that? You get 2 film protectors, 3 dust stickers, a cleaning cloth, a card, and installation spray to make protecting your phone easier than ever. 

Super Shatter Protection

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ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear+ Screen Protector

Feels like glass

ZAGG's InvisibleShield screen protector is technically film, but it sure doesn't feel like it. ZAGG's "glass-like" surface allows the protector to retain the same premium feel of a legit glass screen, and the result is mighty impressive. On top of that, the InvisibleShield also delivers edge-to-edge impact/shatter protection, self-healing tech, and a lifetime warranty. It also features an easy application process to ensure you get the perfect fit on your screen. 

Easy Installation

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ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Film Screen Protector

Works with cases

With a name like ArmorSuit, you'd expect this protector to be durable. And you know what? You'd be right. ArmorSuit's protector  It's scratch-proof, offers military-grade protection, and reduces fingerprints and glare. It also works just fine with any case you put on your S20 Ultra, which is something you'll likely want to have for such an expensive phone.

Best Budget

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Spigen NeoFlex Film Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Super cheap

Spigen makes some of our favorite cases on the market, and if you have the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you owe it to yourself to check out Spigen's NeoFlex film screen protector. Not only does it give you ample scratch-resistance for your screen, but it also does this without disturbing touch responsiveness or display clarity. It also prevents fingerprints from getting out of control, which we greatly appreciate. It also features self healing qualities, fit with Spigen cases, and is affordable even on a tight budget.

Keep it protected

We can understand the urge to rock your new Galaxy S20 Ultra without a case or screen protector, but the second you drop the phone, you'll be wishing you had something to keep the phone safe. To keep your S20 Ultra looking and feeling like new even after months of use, one of our top recommendations is the Caseology Film Screen Protector.

Simply put, this screen protector does it all. It's easy to apply, offers ample protection, and it shouldn't affect the clarity or responsiveness of the display at all. Even better, you get two protectors in this bundle at an incredible price

Another good choice is the ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear+ Screen Protector. While it is technically a film screen protector, it's designed to feel like glass. It's a pretty phenomenal achievement, and if you're picky about how protectors feel, this is worth a look.