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Best emergency weather radios

(Image credit: FosPower)

If you live in an area that’s often susceptible to severe weather or natural disasters, an emergency weather radio is incredibly useful. Whether you need to know where to go or what to do during a weather crisis, the access these radios provide to the NOAA Weather Broadcast channels is crucial. We’ve selected our favorite emergency weather radios that should be part of your home safety kit. 

Staff pick

(Image credit: FosPower)

FosPower Emergency Portable Radio (opens in new tab)

Largest battery pack for charging other devices

Want to make sure your phone is charged to contact friends and family during a blackout? The 2000mAh battery on this model can handle multiple devices at once. It also has the standard features to keep the onboard battery charged, like a hand crank and a solar panel. If those fail, there’s also a spot for AAA batteries, so you’ll never be without the four-LED reading light or 1W flashlight in the dark.  

Budget pick

(Image credit: RunningSnail)

RunningSnail Emergency Weather Radio (opens in new tab)

Charge your radio via USB

A micro USB cable is included with this radio so you can charge it from your computer, and won’t have to give up a power outlet. You can also use the manual hand crank or solar panel to store some energy. The onboard battery is 1000mAh, and the radio comes with a 12-month warranty. 

Most charging options

(Image credit: Amazon)

Kaito Emergency Radio (opens in new tab)

Use the added SOS beacon to signal for help

Listen to the seven programmed NOAA weather channels to stay in-the-know during emergencies. This radio has no shortage of charging options, utilizing a hand crank, AA batteries, a solar panel, AC/DC, and a rechargeable onboard battery. It’s impact and water-resistant, and comes with a red LED S.O.S. beacon and signal strength indicator.  

Illuminated info

(Image credit: American Red Cross)

The American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio (opens in new tab)

Digital display lights up to make reading easy

The LED flashlight is great for navigating or reading in the dark, but what about reading the display on your radio? This model has a fully lit digital display, so you know which channel you’re listening to and how much battery life you have left. There’s also an AUX input to broadcast audio from another device. 

Stay informed 

Staying charged for when you need them, and providing access to weather updates, are two traits that set emergency weather radios apart from traditional ones. To keep you and your family informed, we recommend the FosPower Emergency Portable Radio (opens in new tab). Being able to charge more than one device at a time sets it apart from other options. Plus, the reading lamp is ultra-bright, so you can easily look over maps or documents when the sun goes down.

Looking for something that has multiple uses? The American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio (opens in new tab) can serve as a speaker for any device with a headphone jack. That way you’ll be using it for more than just emergencies.