Best electric knives

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Carving up the perfect roast beef or turkey can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Electric knives make slicing up any meat, bread, or vegetable as easy as waving your hand. Whether you’re an everyday chef who wants the perfect carving tool or a cooking connoisseur who wants to ensure perfectly presented food, an electric knife is indispensable in your kitchen. We have cut out the hassle of finding the perfect blade; take a look at our choices of the very best electric kitchen knives.

Staff pick

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Cuisinart AC electric knife

All-in-one knife and carving fork

This electric knife makes kitchen tasks simple and looks good while doing it. It comes with a compact bamboo chopping board and a storage tray that holds the blade, carving fork, and the power handle unit when they’re not in use. It keeps the pieces out of the way while still looking great sitting conveniently on your countertop. But the real draw with this knife is its clean-cutting micro-serrated blade and handy carving fork. The blade slices effortlessly while the optional fork positions any meat selection. There'll be no more torn slices or ugly cuts. This is the ideal knife for anyone who wants to serve up perfectly sliced, pretty food.

Perfected for anglers

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American Angler PRO electric fillet knife

A rugged set for all your fish and game, season after season

This may seem like an odd choice to include in this list, but if you are an angler (or married to one), you’ve probably had more than one good kitchen knife ruined when trying to clean and fillet the catch of the day. This ergonomic electric knife comes with an assortment of blades designed to make filleting fish much easier. It also comes with a non-slip glove to help you hold onto your catch while you clean it. Not only will this knife save you from damaging your other kitchen knives, but it does a great job with slicing up all kinds of meat. It’s perfect for hunters, fishermen, or anyone who wants a versatile electric knife in their collection.

Best everyday electric knife

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Black + Decker 9-inch electric carving knife

Comfortable grip for precise slicing

Sturdy stainless steel blades slice through meats, veggies, or even bread with ease. This handy electric knife will be your go-to blade for anything that needs neatly done slices, and its dishwasher-safe blades are a breeze to keep clean. The comfortable ergonomic design and built-in safety lock give you more control when cutting and slicing. The motorized unit features a blade release button for easy blade removal and installation. It’s a great everyday alternative to your non-electric knives at a reasonable price.

Easy slicing for culinary cool

Every kitchen needs a good electric knife, and the Cuisinart AC electric knife handles the job with style while keeping your kitchen countertop organized. You get a high-quality blade for your meats and bread, a handy carving fork, and a storage tray for the power handle.

If you’re just looking for a no-frills, everyday electric carving knife, the Black + Decker 9-inch Electric Carving Knife can get the job done. The knife's ergonomic handle ensures comfort when slicing to minimize wrist fatigue. Besides, the 9-inch stainless steel blades are removable and dishwasher-safe. But if you’re worried about ruining your best kitchen knives, you definitely need to grab the American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife