Best Electric Deep Fryers

Presto Kitchen Kettle
(Image credit: Presto)

Some foods are better crisp, especially when you can get them hot and fresh from the fryer. The traditional method for deep frying food in a large pot on the stovetop takes a while and makes a mess. By adding an electric fryer to your kitchen appliances, you can minimize the mess and you won’t have to wait in lines or for deliveries. Here’s our collection of the best electric deep fryers to make amazing fried food at home. 

Staff Pick

Presto Kitchen Kettle

(Image credit: Presto)

Presto Kitchen Kettle

Deep fry or use as a dutch oven

If you’re limited on kitchen space, using appliances that can handle more than one task is always a plus. This electric deep fryer from Presto can get your fries or tots crispy, but it can also steam veggies or rice, roast meats, or cook soups thanks to the included glass lid. The warm setting will also prevent foods from drying out during mealtime. 

Low Oil Usage

Presto FryDaddy

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Presto FryDaddy

Ditch the basket in favor of more space to fry food

Use only four cups of oil to deep fry all your favorite foods in the FryDaddy. During the cooking process, use the included handy scoop to break apart any foods that stick together. Once finished, use the same scoop to remove foods since there is no wire basket. The simple design of this fryer gives you a lot of space for food while also using the least amount of oil. 

Large Capacity

Hamilton Beach deep fryer

(Image credit: Hamilton Beach)

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Eight cup capacity lets you avoid cooking in batches

Choose a temperature for this deep fryer and the panel lights will tell you when the oil is ready for cooking. A vented lid prevents oil splashes while frying, keeping counters clean. The heating element is removable, and most parts are dishwasher safe to make cleanup easy. 

Hot and crispy

There’s really no other method of food preparation that can compete when it comes to deep frying. And going out to get fast food can often wind up more expensive and time-consuming than just making it at home. If you’re ready to start frying foods on your countertop, we recommend the Presto Kitchen Kettle. Not only will you get an amazing deep fryer that doesn't take up much space, but you can also use this appliance for soups and other foods you'd make in a dutch oven -- even roasts! It’s like having an extra burner on the stove that you can move around the kitchen, as long as you’re within reach of an outlet.