Best double boilers

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The cooking surface in a double boiler is heated by steam from the pot underneath it, rather than direct contact with a burner or flame. This makes it the perfect vessel for cooking or reheating delicate foods, such as chocolates, cheeses, caramels, pasta sauces, or gravies. Double boilers can also greatly lower the difficulty of making foods that need constant attention and stirring, making them much less likely to stick, scorch, or clump up. Here’s a list of our favorites. 

Staff pick

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Farberware Classic Double Boiler

A durable favorite of home cooks

Use this double boiler set on any type of stovetop, even induction, since all three pieces are stainless steel. The handles are oven safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and make the two-quart pots easy to hold, thanks to their curved shape. When it's time to clean up, you can toss both pieces in the dishwasher. 

Choice of professionals

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Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Double Boiler

Even heat distribution prevents hot spots

Pot handles often become dangerously hot, but this double boiler set from Cuisinart is designed to keep them cool. The saucepan holds three quarts and you can expect even heat distribution because of the tri-ply stainless steel construction. This set is sure to add some shine to any stovetop.

Nonstick option

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T-fal Specialty Double Boiler

Get double use from your double boiler

T-fal offers the benefits of nonstick and stainless steel with this set. The lower pot offers a nonstick choice when cooking other foods. A glass lid helps you keep an eye on your chocolate, caramel, or cheese as it melts on the stove.  

Easy to store

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ExcelSteel 3 Piece Boiler

Sized just right for your heating tasks

Heat everything from cheeses, chocolates, and sauces with this 2.5-quart stainless option from ExcelSteel. The lid is vented to prevent overheating in the top pot. When not in use, you can store the pots of this set on a hook in your cabinet or kitchen with their looped handles. 

Gentle heating 

Whether you’re making desserts or reheating sauces, a double boiler is exactly what you need. For most people, we think the Farberware Classic Double Boiler is the best option. This set is known for its durability, and the ability to use the pots in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit expands their usefulness. 

Looking for an upgrade? Then we think you should consider the Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Double Boiler set. This specific type of construction is the best at distributing heat, so you can avoid hot spots that ruin delicate toppings or sauces. Plus, the handles stay cool when being used on the stovetop, helping you avoid accidents.