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Best Corded Circular Saws

(Image credit: Makita)

Circular saws are an essential part of your toolbox, whether you are a professional or avid DIY-er. Using a circular saw is a fast and precise way of cutting through many different materials and offers a much straighter edge than a skill saw would. Using a corded saw may be less convenient than a cordless version, but it has the advantage of being cheaper and has less chance of not working when the battery dies.

Best Overall

(Image credit: Makita)

Makita 5007Mg

For professionals and hobbyists alike

I love my Makita saw. The lightweight magnesium body is extremely rigid, even being so light, and it's incredibly comfortable to hold. The saw comes with an excellent cutting guide to help you keep the straight edge you need when ripping long planks of wood. The Makita is a workman's tool, and it's tough to beat.

Compact Design

(Image credit: DeWalt)

DeWalt corded circular saw

Power and precision

DeWalt is the other big name in tools, and this circular saw shows off why they are held in such high regard. Don't let its small size fool you; this saw is more than capable of building you an entire house with no issue. It even comes with a nice bag to keep it safe when not in use, and an adjustable guide to let you cut those angles you need.

Best Value

(Image credit: Skil Tools)

SKIL 5280-01

Mad Skills

For the price, it's hard to beat the feature set on the Skil saw. Not only does it have an excellent guide, but it also has a laser line to help make sure all of your cuts are perfect. Another lovely bonus with the Skil saw; it comes with a small blower that clears the sawdust from the cut. This reduces the chances of jamming or having the saw twist as the dust builds up.

Long Lasting

(Image credit: Bosch)

Bosch corded saw

Bish Bash

My dad has sworn by his Bosch power tools for as long as I can remember. He told me that each of the Bosch tools had lasted him through years of DIY, including building fences and even a carport. The saw has a 15 amp motor, more than enough to get you through the toughest jobs.

Most Versatile

(Image credit: Rockwell)

Rockwell Versacut

Precision cutting

The Versacut from Rockwell is designed to be a little more delicate than the big circular saws you have seen. It's versatile, allowing you to cut small sections of wood, metal, and PVC. One of the best uses I've seen for it is my flooring guy; he uses it to cut the wood flooring to fit the weird corners in my house.

Straight Edge

(Image credit: Makita)

Makita SP600J1

The portable table saw

The SP6000J1 is like a portable table saw, designed to give you the straightest edge possible while out in on the worksite. The 55-inch rip guide can be clamped, or even screwed, into position, and the saw will run straight and smooth every time. You can even bevel the cut to give you a better fit when making corners.  

Looking sharp

While there is a lot to be said for cordless saws, the corded variety is much cheaper and more reliable. You don't have to down tools and wait an hour for your battery to charge when they are plugged into a wall. The Makita 5007Mg is the best circular saw you can buy right now. The balance of cost and features is spot on, and the saw will last for as long as you need it. I have had mine for years now, and it hasn't let me down.

If the Makita is a little too pricey, then you should check out the Skil saw. With its low price and cool blower to remove dust, it is feature-rich and cheap! Plus, PEW PEW lasers come built-in, so your lines are always straight. I'm also a big fan of the little Rockwell Versacut. Its versatility can't be beaten, and the size makes all the difference. Doing hundreds of small cuts with even the lightest of those other saws will be tiring, the Versacut will be comfortable all day long.