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Best Compasses

(Image credit: Eyeskey)

If you get lost on a trek, a compass is the best way of finding your heading and charting where you need to go. A smartphone needs cell service, and a GPS needs power, and if you don't have either, a compass is the best solution. It will work forever. Choose to be safe and pick one from our list of the best compasses available on the current market.

(Image credit: Eyeskey)

Eyeskey Multifunction Military Sighting Navigation Compass

Best overall

With a 360 degree scale and an easy to see sighting window, the Eyeskey Multifunction Sighting Navigation Compass ensures you never lose your way. It's equipped with a clinometer to measure the angle of slope, elevation, and any hazards. This solidly built waterproof compass is liquid filled with an integrated bubble level and is rugged enough to handle any situation. It's easy to read because of the luminous dial, adjustable marching line, thumb-hold, and magnifying viewer. A canvas pouch and lanyard come with this tripod mountable compass.

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Orienteering Compass - Hiking

Best value

The Orienteering Compass is perfect for beginners and boys/girls scouts. It's durable and lightweight with an acrylic baseplate, 360-degree rotating bezel, a compass ruler, and a magnifying glass. The magnetized needle sits inside the oil-filled vacuum chamber to set a clear pointer towards the magnetic north pole. It makes a great survival gift for a relatively small outlay.

(Image credit: Silva)

Silva Expedition S Compass

Premium quality

Offering a modern take on the classic navigation compass, the Silva Expedition S Compass features a split-sighting mirror, to navigate on distant objects and self illuminate at night-time use. It's adaptable to many different map scales and has a clinometer to measure any hazardous elevations. The night-time luminous markings compliment the magnifying lens to make reading more comfortable when there is little light. The Dryflex housing, for secure handling, and silicon rubber feet enable precision map work.

(Image credit: Suunto)

SUUNTO MC-2 Compass

Global needle

Very robust construction to withstand shocks, dirt, and water, the highly accurate Suunto MC-2 Compass comes with a rotating bezel, ruler, clinometer, magnifying lens, and a sighting mirror. It comes with a global needle, so it works in all compass zones and doesn't require complete leveling for precise measurements. The fixed declination adjustment system is ideal for areas with significant magnetic variations, while the luminous bezel and markings allow nighttime viewing.

(Image credit: Silva)

Silva Guide 2.0 Compass

For recreational hikers

Recreational hikers will be delighted with the compact mirror Silva Guide 2.0 Compass. The mirror lid locks open at a 45-degree angle and remains firmly shut when closed for protection. The rotating bezel is liquid-filled, and a ruler guide helps to manage reading the map, while the DryFlex rubber grip allows a comfortable grip and handling.

(Image credit: Suunto)

Suunto M-9 Velcro Strap Compass

Wrist strap compass

Wear the Suunto M-9 around your wrist for the convenience of having both hands free. A serrated bezel ring turns quickly even when wearing gloves, and a ratchet mechanism allows for setting the direction. Refer to it often and conveniently and don't worry if it's raining, the compass is waterproof.

(Image credit: Brunton)

Brunton - TruArc 15 - Compass

Use in either hemisphere

For those requiring their equipment to withstand harsh and stormy conditions, the Brunton TruArc 15 Compass comes with a clinometer and tool-less declination adjustment. It resists magnetic interference better than others and is suited for professionals like foresters and landscapers. The TruArc is ready for any part of the world with its bubble level, map magnifier, sighting mirror, and magnified readout. This professional-grade compass stands prepared for any action.

A compass does not need power or a cell signal to guide you home 

A compass does its job without consuming any power or having to connect to a cell tower. It's guaranteed to show you the way through the harshest conditions with consistent performance. The military-style Eyeskey Multifunction Military Sighting Navigation Compass is an easy to read, liquid-filled compass. Its waterproof aluminum alloy body will handle the harshest conditions while you align objects in the distance with the sighting hairline.

Most of us are recreational hikers and need essential functions from our compass. That's when the Silva Guide 2.0 Compass fits the bill with its compact mirror design that locks at a 45-degree angle, and a liquid-filled rotating bezel. The body is durable, and the compass is exceptionally accurate, making it ideal for hiking and mountaineering.

Make sure you stay safe with any choice of a compass if you intend to go on hiking adventures.

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