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Best CB radios

Uniden 510XL
(Image credit: Uniden)

There's a reason why truckers still use CB radios. Cell phones don't get service everywhere, which can be a problem in an emergency. Two-way radios are portable, but they have a short range. CB radios solve both of those problems, allowing anyone who travels or enjoys spending time in the great outdoors to have instant access to weather reports and communicate with others when needed. If you're in the market, these are our tried and true favorite CB radios.

Best overall

Uniden 510XL

(Image credit: Uniden)

Uniden PRO 510XL

A compact, powerful CB

You can talk to anyone on the road with this compact 40-channel CB radio. It has a backlit LCD and red-lit LED indicators so you can monitor activity at a glance. The built-in noise limiter and squelch control fine-tune your connection to others and block out environmental noise, keeping communication static-free. This kit comes with the CB radio, a microphone, and all the mounting hardware needed for installation.

Best portable

Midland 75-822

(Image credit: Midland)

Midland 75-822

The radio that goes anywhere

There are 40 CB channels, 10 NOAA channels, and 4 watts of output in this little handheld powerhouse. Six AA batteries or a cigarette lighter adapter keep you powered up while ANL and squelch control improve reception and limit environmental noise. You'll get the handheld CB transceiver and all the necessary cables with this package.

Best connectivity

Cobra 29LTD

(Image credit: Cobra)

Cobra 29LTD

Consistently reliable

The one-of-a-kind antenna warning indicator gives you the reliability you need when using a CB radio. A light illuminates when your system needs checking or when your antenna could use an adjustment. With 4-watt output, instant emergency access, and 40 channels, this is a reliable, full-featured CB radio that will keep you in touch when you hit the highway.

Best safety features


(Image credit: Galaxy)


Keep your eyes on the road

The radio functions are laid out in a driver-friendly manner so you can stay focused on the road ahead of you. Each knob and button has its own task, minimizing the need for you to glance at the display or cycle through menus. You'll get 40 channels, automatic noise filtering, an SWR circuit, and an SWR alert LED.

Best weather alerts

President Electronics BILL

(Image credit: Presidential Electronics)

President Electronics BILL CB radio

Stay abreast of changing weather

When you're in unfamiliar territory, it's important to keep tabs on the weather. With this 40-channel CB radio, you'll have constant access to a weather channel that pushes out alerts when storms are near. This CB radio also has a multi-function LCD, ANL filter, and programmable channel buttons. The kit includes the CB radio, handset, and all hardware required for installation.

Keep in touch

CB radios are one of the most reliable forms of communication. They don't lose signals due to terrain, like smartphones, and they're affordable tools that keep you in touch with people, weather conditions, and emergency channels.

The Uniden PRO 510XL is our favorite CB radio. It's small enough to fit in any vehicle yet powerful enough to pull in 40 channels. We love the illuminated LCD and noise control, and our pocketbooks dig the price.