Best Case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

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A good case for the iPhone smartphone not only complements the look, but it also provides protection. In this review, we are looking at protective cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is a gorgeous phone that you'll want to keep that way. Sooner or later, you will drop it and thank yourself for buying a case to prevent any damage. 

Cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max come in a variety of shapes and colors, and we have created a list of our best recommendations for you to consider before making that necessary purchase. 

Best Overall

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Smartish iPhone 11 Pro Max Armor Case

Drop-proof textured exterior

The subtle three grooves for the fingers add to the already firm grip of the textured rubbery exterior. The Smartish iPhone 11 Pro Max Armor Case is everyday tough, has corner air pockets for the additional bounciness, and still maintains a slim profile. You get to choose from three colors, and each one gives you the same firm handshake-like grip. This rugged armor case is wireless charging compatible and tough enough to handle most bumps, knocks, and drops you'll experience throughout each day.

Best Liquid Silicone

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Miracase Liquid Silicone Case Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max

Easy to hold and lightweight

Smartphones are generally slippery to hold, but the Miracase Liquid Silicone Case has a sure grip smooth surface with an anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant coating. The case creeps around the front of the phone to offer maximum protection whichever way up it falls. Use this gel rubber case to protect your iPhone from knocks and drops and keep the slim profile of the phone at the same time. A large color selection allows you to pick a suitable shade, and the cost is low enough for you to buy more than one.

Best Clear Case

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Apple Clear Case

Flexible and scratch resistant

A completely clear case, this protective cover by Apple has a gloss finish material that feels great in your hand. It comes with scratch-resistance built into the article and a soft but reassuring feel. Apple guarantees the transparent polycarbonate material will not yellow over time. The back of the case is sturdy, and the sides are a softer material to creep around the front of the glass to protect the display. There's no need to remove the cover to charge the phone wirelessly.

Ultra Thin

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PEEL Ultra Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Which color to pick?

Maintain the original beauty of your phone with the minimalistic PEEL Ultra Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case. It's so thin; you'll forget you have a case on the phone. This protective cover has been engineered to fit the phone perfectly and is available in many colors. If you want the Apple logo to show, then pick one of the translucent colors, there are no other branding marks to get in the way. 

Best Rugged Looks

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URBAN ARMOR GEAR Monarch Feather

A military drop tested iPhone case

Most cases are tough, but how many have the bad boy look also? The URBAN ARMOR GEAR Monarch Feather construction uses five layers of protection with top-grain leather and metal hardware. It features a soft impact resistant core and a honeycomb traction grip in addition to the outsized rubber bumpers used for the corners. This case meets the military drop-test standards and comes with a ten-year warranty, and is compatible with wireless chargers.


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Gear4 Crystal Palace Iridescent iPhone 11 Pro Case

Protected by D30 material

The D30 material offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against knocks and drops. It's mostly used in helmets, gloves, and bulletproof glass. You can get a clear version, but Gear4 make many attractive light-tinted models also. The case comes with smooth edges and an appealing tapered edge surrounding the camera. Compliment the sleek design of the phone with the anti-fingerprint and non-yellowing features of this Gear4 that is also wireless charging compatible.

Premium Leather Case

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Apple Leather Folio

Top of the line

Open this premium leather folio and the iPhone 11 Pro Max wakes up, close it, and the phone goes to sleep. The elegant stitching and the choice of color between black and aubergine ooze nothing but class. The inside of the case has a microfiber lining to protect the phone from scratches, the front pockets are large enough for notes and cards. Keep the case on while you wirelessly charge the phone and know that Apple has spent thousands of hours testing it throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Antimicrobial Properties

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tech21 Evo Check Phone Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Super clean, all the time

The BioShield reduces microbes by up to 99.99-percent to keep the tech21 Evo Check Phone Case hygienically clean. Unlike other cases with a thin coating, the Evo has the antimicrobial ingredients built into the case itself. Start each day with a phone that is as clean as it was when you first bought it.  Pick from a range of colors with confidence knowing that the smart materials protect without the bulk. The patented ribs and impact material work together to absorb the impact energy drop after drop. 

Protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max with a suitable case

A smartphone is used extensively throughout every day to become a must-have accessory by most people. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is also a mini-computer to keep up with daily work. Losing it would be a significant headache, but to damage, it would cause a maximum amount of frustration. 

Reduce the chances of damage by buying a case for your iPhone. We think the best one for you would be the Smartish iPhone 11 Pro Max Armor Case for its slim and sturdy grip cover. The grooves dented into the edges for the fingers offer extra grip, and the corner air pockets provide shock resistance.

For those wanting to showcase the phone, then the Apple Clear Case is completely clear, scratch-resistant, and comfortable to hold. The front edges creep around the glass to protect the screen. 

A case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max investment would be a wise decision.