Best Camera Straps

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Camera straps keep your favorite photo-taker at arm’s length, so it’s at the ready when the moment strikes. Whether you prefer positioning your camera on your shoulder, neck, or wrist, a strap is a safe way to make your camera accessible. Choose from our selection of straps to ensure your camera is always close.

Best for heavy kits

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Peak Design Slide

For carrying heavy loads

If your daily driver is a DSLR or you rely on a heavy lens to get the job done, you won't find a handier or more comfortable strap than the Peak Design Slide. The Slide holds up to 200 pounds and uses a padded seatbelt style webbing, allowing you to carry your gear all day without a neckache or backache. Best of all, this is a sling-style strap, so you can ferry your camera on your backside while hiking and slide it around to the front to get your shot. The Slide works with any style of camera, and worth every penny.

Best harness style

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BlackRapid Double Breathe

Carry two cameras at once

If you arm yourself with two cameras at once, the BlackRapid Breathe is the best tool around to take the weight off your shoulders and neck while keeping your camera close. You'll get attachments for two bodies on a soft, breathable chest harness. The nylon webbing is long enough to position the cameras wherever you like, and there are four-inch wide shoulder pads that prevent this camera strap from digging into your skin, even on long shoots. If you're a wedding or sports photographer or you carry a lot of gear, put this on your wish list now.

Best budget strap

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TARION Vintage Shoulder Strap

An oldie but a goodie

Sometimes you just need a basic camera strap, and the Tarion Vintage Shoulder Strap fits the bill. With a classic look and low price tag, this lightweight strap is a good pick for those with mirrorless cameras or DSLRs. The body of the strap is cotton and PU leather, and it's backed with anti-slip coating. Thanks to the included metal triangles in this design, it fits all brands of cameras and can also be used for other equipment like binoculars, rangefinders, and monoculars. This model from Tarion bears up to 22 pounds and is a low key strap that will last a lifetime.

Best wrist strap

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Altura Photo Rapid Fire Wrist Strap

Keep a firm grip

Big camera straps call unnecessary attention to photographers. If you have a tiny point and shoot or you fancy yourself a street photographer, you want something light in weight and design. The Altura Photo Rapid Fire Wrist Strap comes with two connectors, including a heavy-duty connector for DSLRs and a thin but secure connection for video and mirrorless cams. And though it's lightweight, this unpretentious strap supports up to 10 pounds.

For mirrorless cameras

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Peak Design Slide Lite As

No need to over do it

If you carry a mirrorless camera, you'll find most straps available today are overkill for your lightweight kit. The Peak Design Slide Lite was designed with mirrorless in mind. Aluminum adjuster handles adorn each side of the strap, making quick adjustments easy. A minimalistic anchor mount screws into the bottom of your camera, and it works with third party tripod plates and L-brackets. This strap is useable as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap, and it supports up to 200 pounds.

It's a snap

Camera enthusiasts and photographers alike can keep their cameras ready-to-go with a camera strap. Straps make photoshoots easy, making cameras available to capture shot after shot. The Peak Design Slide is our top pick because it's super comfortable with cushy padding and easily holds 200 pounds. The strap is adjustable, so you can customize it to the ideal length. If you have a sizable camera with heavy lenses, this is the strap for you.

If you're not a fan of throwing your camera around your neck, not to worry. The Not Altura Photo Rapid Fire Wrist Strap is a great alternative. It's ideal for smaller cameras that need to be kept at hand, supporting 10 pounds. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable and a perfect fit for your point and shoot.

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