Best Bullet Journals

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A bullet journal is a thought record, composed to provide focus and fine-tune daily life. The journal’s pages reflect everything from scheduled appointments to goals and dreams. It’s an easy way to check-in and stay on track. Bullet journaling begins with the most obvious basic, a journal. And, we’ve collected an array of fun options to get you started.   

Best Overall

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Dotted Gridd Notebook by URSUNSHINE

A handy dandy journal

Featuring a lay-flat design, you won't have to fight against the cover of this journal to get your pen on the page. There's an attached ribbon to save your spot, an elastic band to keep the journal closed when you're on the move, and a pocket for receipts.

Classic Style

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Moleskin Classic Notebook, Hard Cover

Can't go wrong with a classic

This beloved style of notebook, used by the likes of Picasso, Hemingway, and van Gogh, were brought back to the market in 1997. Smooth, ivory pages are what keep fans hooked. Add in the elastic closure, pocket for loose papers, and hardcover shell, and it's easy to see why it's been popular for so long.

Lighter Option

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Moleskin Cahier Journal, Soft Cover

A quick note journal

A lightweight sibling to the hardcover version, these journals won't bulk up your bag or pocket. They have the same ivory pages and pocket, and there are perforations on the last 16 sheets. 

Numbered Journal

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Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Take a number

No need to worry about the spine of this hardcover notebook because it's designed to open flat for optimal writing angles. All pages are numbered so you can reference them later, and 17 color options make it easy to find one you'll want to take everywhere.

Fun Design

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Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter

Bright and fun

Need ultra-thick paper for markers? This unique journals are using 160gsm paper, which means they can keep your ink from traveling to the next page. The fun colors and creative icons on the cover are sure to inspire your next entry.

Journal with Pockets

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Minimalism Art, Classic Notebook Journal

Extra storage space

Sharp colors with matching bookmark ribbons make these notebooks a standout on your desk or shelf. The rounded corners and elastic band keep pages from catching on other items in your bag. Plus, the pocket in the back expands for your extra notes.


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Northbooks USA Eco Dotted Journal

Made from recycled paper

If you're trying to be kind to the environment in other aspects of your life, your journal shouldn't be an exception. This model uses 50% recycled paper for the cover and 30% recycled paper for the pages.

Activity Hype

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Clever Fox Dotted Notebook

Extra fun journaling

Use any pen with confidence on the 120gsm paper, then store it in the loop when you're on-the-go. Save your spot with the three ribbon bookmarks, and use the vibrant activity stickers to add flair to your BuJo.

More Than Planners

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Lemome Dotted Bullet Grid Journal

Convenient design

Known for their planners, Lemome also delivers a sturdy dotted journal that lays flat on your table. The outer loop keeps pens away from the page edges, and the included dividers help with organization.

Wild Side

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Dingbats Wildlife Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Fun animal print designs

Handmade and 100% Vegan, these notebooks can add personality to any desktop or travel plan. Each color features a different wild animal, with their footprints lining the endsheets. All pages are micro-perforated, so your task list can easily travel.

Bookmarked Journal

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Artfan Nullet Grid Journal

Save your spot

Never lose the spot where you wrote something down, thanks to the content table at the start of this journal. The teal and gray ribbons will also let you mark two spots you want to get back to easily.

Ready, set, write

Whether you jot or scribble, you can lay down your thoughts in a bullet journal. Organizing your life begins with a cover and a collection of pages, and the Dotted Grid Notebook by URSUNSHINE is a great place to start. It has a ton of dotted pages, a lay-flat design, elastic closure, and a paper-collecting pocket. This multi-feature design is a great place to gather your musings.

If you’re looking for an option that caters to a more creative mindset, the Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter is a great choice. It features a fun cover and thick pages to accept a wide range of inks including markers.

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