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If you're moving or in the business of shipping products regularly, safeguarding your packages is important. You can effectively shield delicate items with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is an impact-resistant, air-filled packing material that protects fragile items during transportation. The cushioned plastic paper perfectly contours to each item, preventing impact-related damage. You can pack and ship with confidence if you prep items with bubble wrap, and we've boxed up our favorites with this curated list.

Staff pick

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Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Rolls, 12 inches-by-180 feet - 6 Pack

Foot after foot of cushioned care

Pad your breakables with Duck Brand's protective bubble wrap. This package includes six 30-foot rolls, totaling 180 feet of durable cushioning. Each roll, detailed with small bubbles, easily accommodates and secures items of all shapes and sizes. Useful perforations, in 12-inch sections, make the wrap super customizable. And who doesn't want that? You don't have to worry about this cushy barrier staying intact either. With Air Lock Technology, the bubbles remain inflated to best care for your items as they journey. A variety of quantities are available to meet your packing needs.

On a roll

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Uboxes Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap, 12 inches-by-175 feet

Valuable-saving bubbles on a sizable roll

This small-bubble stuff-sustaining roll of wrap offers assurance that delicate items will be maintained. You can prevent clangs, smashes, and crashes with this packing essential made of durable polyethylene. Go ahead, protect everything from glasses to ceramic figurines. With 175 feet of gentle air-filled security, there's enough bubble wrap to defend all your fragile items.

Packaging duo

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Offitecture Bubble Cushioning Wrap, 12 inches-by-72 feet - 2 Pack

Cushiony packaging with stickers

Protect special-care items during shipping with this bubble wrap set by Offitecture. You can safely pack stemware, mirrors, and more with two 12-inch rolls, offering a total of 72 feet of cushioned wrap. The air in each inch of bubble wrap is maintained by a unique nylon barrier, which prevents leaking and keeps items fully protected. This comprehensive set also includes 20 fragile stickers for an extra level of security. Just place a sticker on your package to keep your items safe as they travel.

Bubbles in bulk

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American Bubble Boy Bubble Wrap Bundle, 12 inches-by-350 feet - 2 Pack

Air-filled wrap with lots of length

If you have tons of items to protect, this bubble wrap set by American Bubble Boy has you covered. The set includes two ample rolls, offering 350 feet of protective material. The wrap is conveniently perforated every 12 inches to easily prepare items without the use of scissors. Additional sizes and quantity options are available to meet your packaging needs.

Compact and cushioned

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HBlife Bubble Mailers, 4-by-8 inches - 50 Pack

Essential mailers with a bubble wrap layer

Small shipments need protection too, and you can package your petite items with a bubble mailer. This set of 50, 4-by-8 inch envelopes is comprised of durable waterproof plastic and padded with a layer of air-filled cushioning. Each bubble mailer is lightweight, which minimizes shipping costs, and is secured with a tamper-proof seal. These mailers have a little personality, too; they're pink. So, don't hesitate to add a little pizzaz to your postal packages with this useful set.

Petite packaging essentials

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The Boxery Bubble Pouches, 4-by-7.5 inches - 100 Pack

Cushioned small-item savers

If you have small items that need a little more attention as you pack, a small bubble pouch might be more efficient. This set of 100, 4-by-7.5 inch bubble pouches gives small delicate items special care. Each padded pouch has a pressure-sensitive seal to maintain the packaged item during its travels.

The wrap up

No matter your shipping needs, bubble wrap is essential for packing fragile items. Bubble wrap is that favorite air-filled packing material that shapes to delicate items, protecting them from impact-related damage. If you're looking to stock up on shipping supplies, our first choice is the Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Rolls, 12 inches-by-180 feet - 6 Pack. This set of six rolls provides 180 feet of protection. Its small-bubble design creates an effective barrier that remains inflated with the nylon seal of Air Lock Technology. As you unroll and wrap, there are perforations conveniently placed every 12 inches for clean and efficient separation. It's easy to make packing simple with this set.

If you're looking for specialized care of small items, The Boxery Bubble Pouches, 4-by-7.5 inches - 100 Pack is a great choice. Each of the 100, 4-by-7.5 inch pouches accommodates small items, securing with a pressure-sensitive seal.