Best binoculars

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Binoculars are super handy to have around. A great piece of gear for hikers, birdwatchers, hunters, and farmers, today's binoculars give you an inexpensive way to bring faraway objects up close. Some binoculars are light and portable enough to carry around your neck. Other pairs excel at seeing as far off into the distance as possible. Which set is right for you? Take a look at a few of our favorites.

Best overall

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Adorrgon 12x42 binoculars

Great for glasses wearers

If you wear glasses, you know it can be challenging to get a clear view out of the eyepieces on binoculars. The Adorrgon 12x24 model is different. The eyepieces are large and adjustable and can be moved around to fit any style of eyewear. It has 12x magnification, so they have plenty of power to hone in on wildlife in the distance or birds in your backyard. Plus, you get the bonus of Clear Weak Light Vision, a system that gives you night vision-like sight in dim conditions.

Best small set

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Occer 12x25 compact binoculars

See night or day

Many binoculars give you a wide field of vision but are too heavy to carry comfortably. Occer 12x25 binoculars are built so small and lightweight that you'll forget they're hanging around your neck. With this set, you can watch birds, the opera, football games, and wildlife without ever feeling weighed down. These binoculars are compact enough to tuck in a pocket, and they come with low light night vision built-in to help you hone in on the action at dusk, dawn, and in dark sporting arenas.

Best full size

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SkyGenius 10x50

Big field of view

When you need to see wide and far, nothing compares to the 10x50 full-size SkyGenius binoculars. This set has professional-grade 10x power magnification that helps you dial in focus and see faraway objects with ease. The 50mm objective lenses track fast-moving animals and people and always give you a clear view. Weak Light Vision is baked in too, so these are ideal for hunting at dusk, birding at dawn, or even in dark concert halls.

Best weatherproofing

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Bushnell Prism 8x42 binoculars

For adventurers

The pocketable Bushnell Prisms were designed for those who need binoculars they can rely on in any type of weather. These waterproof binoculars work well in high humidity, freezing cold winter conditions, and even in the rain. The multicoated optics provide a crisp field of view, and the non-slip rubber handholds making carrying these with one hand simple as can be. When you need a set of binoculars that hold up to anything Mother Nature can throw your way, these are the ones to get.

Best value

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Aurosports 10x25 folding binoculars

Pocketable and powerful

The Aurosports 10x25 binoculars fold down small enough to tuck in a pocket, store in the glove compartment of your car, or toss in a backpack. Their size makes them an excellent choice for concerts, hiking, fishing, sailing, and indoor sporting events. Weak Light Night Vision is a big plus, helping you to see objects at dusk, dawn, and in other low light conditions. This model gives you clean images from as far as 1,000 yards out and comes with a low price tag.

Pack light, see far

The binoculars on our list are best in class. Each pair allows you to see things at a distance, but they each offer up something unique. The Adorrgon 12x24 binoculars, give you a wide field of view, fit glasses wearers comfortably, and are affordable. They're ideal for everything from watching indoor sports to hiking.

If you head out in iffy weather often, Bushnell Prism 8x42 binoculars will delight you. They're waterproof, never fog up, and are small enough to slip in a pocket for a day of fishing on the lake or backpacking in the mountains.