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Best baby wipes

Best baby wipes
(Image credit: Photo by kazuend on Unsplash)

The best baby wipes need to be gentle on your baby's skin, which means no irritants like perfumes or nasty chemicals. It's possible to find wipes with 99.9% water for the most gentle of cleansing. All of the best baby wipes highlighted below are suitable for use on newborns, with an option for premature babies too.

The best baby wipes are plastic-free, which means they will biodegrade. There's even a flushable option that's been approved by Water UK, or a cloth baby wipe option for the most eco-conscious parents.

Staff pick

WaterWipes baby wipes

(Image credit: WaterWipes)

WaterWipes baby wipes

Delicate and pure

The best baby wipes are these from WaterWipes, because they're so delicate they can be used on premature babies. They're made with 99.9% water and just 0.1% fruit extract for a hint of gentle skin conditioning - but no fragrance or irritants. 

Plus, these baby wipes come with a lot of kudos: they're approved by Allergy UK, have the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, and are dermatologically approved. They're also registered with the Vegan society.


Pura baby wipes

(Image credit: Pura)

Pura flushable baby wipes

The only 'fine to flush' wipes

These are the only baby wipes that are officially accredited by Water UK as ‘Fine to Flush’ - which means they're incredibly convenient. They're made from 99% water and with aloe vera, and they're as kind to the environment as they are your baby's skin. Plus they're made in the UK, have a tonne of certifications and accreditations, and are eco-friendly so they biodegrade, too.


Mum & You baby wipes

(Image credit: Mum & You)

Mum & you baby wipes

100% biodegradable

As well as being gentle and with 99.5% natural ingredients, these baby wipes are plastic-free. That means they're biodegradable and break down in just 15 days. Plus they're Leaping Bunny approved, certified vegan - and packs last for three months once opened. 

Best value

Huggies baby wipes

(Image credit: Huggies)

Huggies pure baby wipes

Affordable and reliable

Huggies' Pure baby wipes are made with 99% pure water and classed as hypoallergenic, so they're safe for newborns. They're affordable for a big pack, and from a reliable brand. Plus the wipes are designed not to tear - although that means there's plastic in them.

Bamboo wipes

Cheeky Panda baby wipes

(Image credit: Cheeky Panda)

Cheeky panda biodegradable baby wipes

100% natural

These baby wipes are 100% natural, made from bamboo and with 99% water and aloe vera extract. It makes them biodegradable and vegan. Plus they're naturally hypoallergenic.

Cloth wipes

Cheeky Wipes baby wipes

(Image credit: Cheeky Wipes)

Cheeky wipes cotton cloth baby wipes

Safe for skin and the environment

These cloth baby wipes are reusable and machine-washable, so you can clean skin with a mix of water and essential oils only. The texture of the material makes them great for nappy changes and they can be thrown in with other laundry to clean. Plus, it's a more cost effective option over the long-term.

Wipe away with the best baby wipes

All of these baby wipes are suitable for sensitive, newborn babies. If all you need is standard baby wipes, WaterWipes are a great option as they're natural and affordable. The same is true of the Huggies Pure baby wipes.

If you're ditching the plastic, you'll love the bamboo baby wipes from Cheeky Panda and the Mum & You wipes. If you need baby wipes that you can flush, check out Pura

The washable cloth wipes from Cheeky Wipes are the ultimate green option.