Best Baby Nail Clippers

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You can keep your little one's nails perfectly groomed with clippers, scissors, trimmers, and files, but these must-have tools need to be safe and precise. Safety is important because a baby's nails are tiny, which makes them a challenge to trim. (Especially if your baby is extra wiggly.) So, gentle nail care tools are crucial, and we've collected the best options available.

Best overall

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The first years american red cross deluxe nail clipper

Staff pick

Precise clips are possible with this easy-grip ergonomic nail clipper. It's accurate stainless steel blades are perfectly-sized for your baby's little nails. Little nails can be difficult to trim, but the convenient magnifier attachment simplifies detailed work. The 4X magnifier enlarges the small viewing area for meticulous, ouch-free snips. You can position the magnifier over the blades or fold it away when it's not useful.

Runner up

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Consevisen baby electric nail trimmer

Safe and secure

If the thought of using sharp tools to manicure your baby's nails scares you, this battery-operated trimmer safely files nails without clips and snips. This handy little gadget uses six interchangeable cushioned sandpaper disks, designed for newborns and up, to safely groom nails. (There are even four attachments for adult use, too.) This customizable device has two speed and two rotation settings, which means you can perfectly adjust it to meet your child's needs. And, an LED light makes nails easy to view.

Best ergonomic handle

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Safety first sleepy baby nail clipper

Easy lighted clipper

You don't have to dread cutting your baby's nails with this easy-to-grip ergonomic clipper. Its large, comfortable handle is easy to control, so you can cut baby's nails without slipping. This unique clipper makes grooming a stress-free experience because it features a blade light to keep little nails in view no matter the setting. It also includes an emery board, perfect for shaping, that stows in a compartment.

Best scissor clippers

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Simba Baby Safety Scissors

Safe for tiny nails

Scissors are another great option when it comes to your child's nail care. These scissors, designed with grip handles, are easy to control and angle. The short stainless steel blades, sized for your baby's nails, have safe rounded tips. It's easy to gently nip nails with these must-have scissors. And, bonus, they also include a safety cover to contain the blades between uses.

Best safety features

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The snipperclipper set

No accidents here

Snip your baby's nails with this ultra-safe set, including a nail clipper and file. The efficient nail clipper has curved, overlapping blades that silently and easily trim nails. For added safety, the clipper also includes a patented spy hole so you can view tiny nails without obstruction. (No more blind clips!) Then use the "s"-style file to shape and smooth nails with ease.

Best clipping set

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ARRNEW baby nail kit

Comprehensive nail kit

Your baby's nails are tiny, but even the tiniest untrimmed nails can leave awful scratches. Trimming your baby's nails can be stressful, but the right tools can ease the tension. This baby-friendly nail grooming kit includes a clipper, scissors, file, and tweezers. These useful tools are perfect for your baby's specific grooming needs; the variety is great for customization. So, you can snip, clip, and shape with confidence.

Stress-free nail care

Cutting your baby's nails can be easy and anxiety-free with the right nail clipper. Little hands and feet are perfect for these specially-designed tools, constructed to groom nails with features like easy-grip ergonomic handles, view-finding lights, magnifying attachments, and more. Our choice is The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper. Its safety-first design begins with the control and confidence-boosting easy-grip ergonomic handle. The clipper has perfectly-sized stainless steel blades to trim your baby's nails efficiently. Its 4X magnifier attachment makes the detailed work even easier. The magnifier can be positioned over the blade to enlarge your view, or it can be folded away.

If you're looking for a non-traditional clipper, the Consevisen Baby Electric Nail Trimmer is a great choice. This battery-powered nail-grooming tool uses interchangeable disk attachments to shape your child's nails without harsh blades. It smoothly trims nails with each rotation of the safe contouring disk. The trimmer includes ten attachments, six for newborns and up, and four for adults.