Best Apple TV Mounts

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If you’re sick of your Apple TV hanging from its cords or collecting dust on your TV stand, hide it or display it properly with one of these great Apple TV mounts. Because not everyone may have upgraded to the Apple TV 4, we’ve also included mounts for Apple TV 3 and Apple TV 2. 

Best for older Apple TVs

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TotalMount Apple TV 2nd and 3rd Gen Mount

Oldie but a goodie

Because not everyone upgrades to the latest and the greatest, this mount from TotalMount works with older Apple TVs, specifically the 2nd and 3rd gens. It will not work with Apple TV 4 or Apple TV HD. This mount clips onto the back of your television without any adhesive and tools and lets you hide HDMI cables without tunneling through your walls. It doesn’t work with high, two-story room ceilings. 

Adjustable mount

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TotalMount for Apple TV 4

Adjust the mount as you upgrade

If you have a few inches to spare behind your TV, TotalMount is for you. Swap out new and old Apple TVs with ease using the adjustable clip system. Attach the mount to the vents in the back of your TV using hooks provided by TotalMount. Setup is easy, and when it's time to change TVs simply re-attach the mount. You can also use two-sided adhesive to attach to any surface, or screws to attach to the wall. Everything you need is included in the package. 

Most compatible

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ReliaMount Apple TV Mount

No switching when you upgrade

This Apple TV mount by ReliaMount works with all generations of Apple TV. This means if you plan to upgrade you won’t have to invest in another mount. The ReliaMount attaches to the back for your TV with an adhesive that is specially formulated to withstand the heat of your electronics and stay in place. The mount itself also has special venting to help heat escape rather than become trapped around your Apple TV. 

Bottom line 

If you have an older Apple TV, check out the TotalMount for 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TVs. Or you could get the ReliaMount. This works for both older and new Apple TVs, so you don’t have to change mounts as you upgrade. 

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