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Best Acoustic Guitar Cases

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A guitar is a big investment, so keep it safe with a well-padded guitar case. Our roundup of the best includes both hard and soft shell varieties. Whether you’re just beginning or are a jamming pro, there’s a case here that is sure to fill your need. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

CAHAYA 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag

 Best Overall 

This soft, well-padded gig bag is made from waterproof oxford cloth and easily fits most acoustic guitars up to 41 inches. It features a large front pocket that easily holds sheet music, pedals, and straps without worrying about scratching your instrument. A smaller pocket is sewing into the neck of this bag to hold smaller items such as guitar picks and tuners. You can easily carry your guitar without strain because this case has dual shoulder straps. 

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Faswin 41 Inch Guitar Bag

 Best Value 

This back-pack style guitar case features two shoulder straps to make toting your guitar around easier on your back. The inside of the soft case is lined to provide extra protection to your guitar and ensure headstocks, bridges, and pegs don’t puncture through. It includes a large storage pocket to make it easier to take along the odds and ends you need when performing. 

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ChromaCast CC-APB-Bag

 Best Soft Case 

ChromaCast is a top choice for soft guitar cases. It has a standard-sized bag for traditional acoustic guitars but also has specially sized for bass guitars, jumbo guitars and mini guitars. Each bag is made from durable nylon, which makes it waterproof. There is also a three-part pocket at the front of the case to hold your music, straps, and picks. This guitar case has a side handle and two shoulder straps. 

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ChromaCast CC-AHC

 Best Hard Case 

Especially good for young players, this hardshell case keeps your instrument from getting knicked or scratched as its carried. Even if your young player bumps the case the guitar will still be secured with internal bumpers and latches. It easily accommodates larger acoustic guitars, though there are other size options to fit bass, classical and pro acoustic performers. 

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Yamaha AG1-HC Hard Guitar Case

 Best Highend Case 

Designed specifically for Yamaha acoustic guitars, this case comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate classic, concert and dreadnought sizes. The inside of this hard case is lined with a plush material to keep your guitar from getting scratched while stored or toted around. There is a covered holding area that is secured with a sliding latch to keep extra supplies, like tuners and picks, from shifting and getting lost inside. 

A little ditty about acoustic guitar cases

For most players, the CAHAYA 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar bag works just fine. It has enough room inside to hold your guitar securely and protect it from bumps and drops while you transport it. And it has two pockets to carry everything you’ll need for your performance. This is a soft case, though. If you’d prefer a hard case, then we recommend the ChromaCast CC-AHC. This bad comes in a variety of sizes so there is a sturdy case to fit whichever acoustic guitar you play.