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Eve energy strip
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A smart Wi-Fi power strip allows you to control, monitor, and manage your devices anytime, and anywhere. Most Wi-Fi smart power strips also include built-in surge protection to keep your electronics safe. The APC Smart Plug Surge Protector combines smart home control with the brand's legendary power protection. 

That one's our favorite pick, but we've gathered all of the best smart power strips to help you decide which is the best for your needs.


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APC Smart Plug Surge Protector

Reasons to buy

Best Overall

control. APC takes protection seriously, and backs up its surge protector with an equipment protection policy that will reimburse customers for any losses. It also offers a lifetime warranty.

While the APC Smart Plug Surge Protector is only compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control, it can work with both iOS and Android via the APC Home App. This protector includes a total of six outlets, three of which are smart, and status indicator LEDs offer additional peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your devices.

To top things off, the APC Smart Plug Surge Protector includes four USB ports, which add a little extra convenience. This helps to reduce the number of bulky charging blocks that you may have, making it perfect under a desk or nightstand.


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Eve Energy Strip

Reasons to buy

Best for HomeKit

The Eve Energy Strip provides a sleek, modern take on the traditional power strip. An aluminum silver and black frame with its three outlets make the energy strip standout from the competition and is something that you may not want to hide under the desk. Each of the Eve Energy Strip's outlets work independently from each other through the iOS Home App, the Eve for HomeKit App, Siri, and with the physical buttons on the device itself. 

Thoughtful touches such as the generously spaced, 90-degree outlets make worrying about fitting bulky adapters in a thing of the past. Gentle LED indicator lights will not light up your space at night, and a child lock prevents unwanted cases where an outlet is shut off by accident. The Eve Energy Strip can also be set to randomly turn on and off each outlet to simulate presence within your home even while you are out.


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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

Reasons to buy

Best Number of Outlets

TP-Link's Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip provides a total of six smart outlets and three USB ports, enabling it to handle as many devices as you can throw at it. Each outlet can be individually controlled through Alexa or Google Assistant, via TP-Link's App, or even by pressing a conveniently located button.

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip also includes power monitoring and scheduling options to help keep your costs down. A flat plug at the end of the power strip allows placement neatly behind furniture, and it follows a traditional power strip design making it blend into your space without screaming "smart device." Unfortunately, there are only small spaces between the outlets, which might make plugging in your devices difficult.


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Linganzh Smart Power Strip

Reasons to buy

Best Value

Linganzh's Smart Power Strip is an affordable option for those who are looking for just the basics in smart control. Even with its lower cost, this strip offers four outlets that work independently, as well as basic surge protection.

Wi-Fi connectivity enables the Linganzh Smart Power Strip to be set up in a matter of minutes, without the need of an additional smart home hub. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are all supported by the power strip making it a smart, future proof option. However, because you're paying less you'll have to miss out on USB ports. 


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JACKYLED Outdoor Smart Outlet

Reasons to buy

Best Outdoor Power Strip

The JACKYLED Outdoor Smart Outlet is the best option for making your outdoor lights or decorations smart and safe. This power strip provides a total of three smart outlets and a power button on the device, enabling the ultimate in convenience for your outdoor gear.

This outdoor power strip also supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT, which you can use to enable voice control and powerful automations. Best of all, it's ETL safety certified, and has an IP55 rating when it comes to water and dust resistance, providing peace of mind for devices that are not always within view.

Plug Them In

Smart power strips provide both convenience and functionality in an all in one, easy to use package. Added functionality such as energy monitoring helps to determine which devices are draining your precious power, and are managed remotely with a tap or via your voice. Surge protection is also included with most smart power strips, making them an essential item for those plugging in valuable gear.  

If you are in the market for a power strip that has a solid, durable design with smart capabilities and protection, we recommend the APC Smart Plug Surge Protector. This power strip includes APC's device protection policy and features little things such as handy USB ports that make it stand out from the rest. 

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