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Best yoga mats

best yoga mats
(Image credit: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash)

The best yoga mats are thin - usually 6mm or less - and made of a material that will hold its grip while you exercise. They should come with a carry strap, so you can take it to the yoga studio easily, and be nice and light. 

When it comes to appearances, there's no limit to the colour of yoga mats. You can even find some with cool designs, or markings to help you align your body properly. 

This collection of the best yoga mats covers simple mats for beginners, yoga mats for children, and some options for more advanced yogis. 

Best yoga mat

TOPLUS yoga mat

(Image credit: TOPLUS)

TOPLUS yoga mat

Resilient all-rounder

We think the best yoga mat is from TOPLUS, because it has all the key things you need from a mat - it's non-slip, and easy to carry. It's also 6mm thick, which is thin enough to work well for yoga. 

It's made from a bottom layer designed to grip the floor, and a top non-slip layer. It's easy to clean and is made from a hypoallergenic material. Plus, you can choose from 11 different colour options.

Best for simplicity

Proworks yoga mat

(Image credit: Proworks)

Proworks yoga mat

Stripped-back mat

This yoga mat from Proworks is the ideal option if you're looking for something simple without being limited. It's non-slip, sweat-proof, available in eight colour options, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This yoga mat is 1cm thick, which makes it one of the thickest in this list - but the benefit of this is that it could double-up for pilates, too.

Best budget yoga mat

CoreBalance yoga mat

(Image credit: CoreBalance)

Core balance yoga mat

Affordable quality

The best yoga mat for beginners on a budget is this option from Core Balance. It's affordable but has all the essential features - it's non-slip, lightweight, has a carry strap, and it's sweat-proof. Plus, it's 6mm thick so it's the perfect thickness for yoga - and you can choose from five colour options.

Best for kids

Myga yoga mats

(Image credit: Myga)

Myga children's yoga mat

Fun prints and child-friendly

The best yoga mats for children are from Myga. It comes in four different fun prints designed for kids, with reminders of the eight key poses printed on the underside of the mat. It also has the perfect 6mm thickness and it's easy to clean.

Best for hot yoga

Lotuscrafts yoga mat

(Image credit: Lotuscrafts)

Lotuscrafts hot yoga towel

Best for Bikram yoga

This hot yoga towel can cover your existing mat, or be used on its own. It's also non-slip, even when you're sweating in a hot yoga studio, and made from an antimicrobial material. It's also machine washable. 

A balance of the best yoga mats

The overall best yoga mat is from TOPLUS, thanks to its blend of non-slip material, it's 6mm thickness and it's robust reliability. The best budget yoga mat combines key features with a budget price and is from Core Balance

Hot yoga fans will think the best yoga mat is Lotusworks' hot yoga towel, which can cover your mat or act as a mat on its own. 

For children, the best yoga mat is fun and educational - best embodied by this option from Myga