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Best wireless charging pads

Best wireless charging pads
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Wireless charging pads are an essential companion for many mobile devices today. Instead of needing to fiddle with cords and with plug-in options, you can lay your device on top of the pad and often get a faster charge than with a traditional plug-in option. We picked these charging pads for metrics such as compatibility and ease of use. Our top pick is the Anker Wireless Charger for its safety and for its compatibility with multiple types of devices.

Best overall

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Anker Wireless Charger

This charger will easily connect with different device types

The Anker Wireless Charger is a high-speed charging option for numerous types of mobile phones, giving it a lot of flexibility. The high-efficiency chipset allows for 10 watts for the popular Samsung Galaxy, while the 5 watts will charge Apple iPhones 10 percent faster than other brands. 

There's no need to remove your protective case, as it charges directly through the case without unduly heating up your phone. The manufacturer cautions that you will need to use rubber, plastic or TPU cases less than 5 mm thick to take advantage of this capability. An LED indicator will let you know of the charging status.

Best compatibility

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Limxems Wireless Charger

No matter what your device, it's likely this charger can get it going

The proliferation of mobile devices these days means that many households need something like the Limxems Wireless Charger to keep their devices going. This device promises near-universal compatibility with most modern devices, which is great for families with multiple kinds of phones. An anti-slip pad and a stable structure will allow for comfortable and fast loading, while a temperature circuit protection feature will keep the phone safe. 

Best portability

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Nanami Wireless Charger

This is a perfect wireless charger to take on the road

The Nanami Wireless Charger is portable, lightweight and compact, making it a perfect travel companion for travel or business purposes. It is also a zippy charger, allowing you to get bursts of energy for your phone in between meetings or travel stops. If you have multiple device types in your family, it's likely this charger can help you out, as it is good with multiple major brands.

Best design

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Chaoyetech Wireless Charger

This charger is optimised for Apple devices

The Chaoyetech Wireless Charger has a sleek design with different models available for Apple or Android. The company promises a smooth experience with its charger, including a low-glow LED indicator so as not to disturb your sleep, and functionality such as removing beeps that notify you of full charge. The charger is slim enough that you can put it in your bag, and small enough that it will easily fit in a tiny corner near your plug.

Bottom line

Our pick is the Anker Wireless Charger, which is perfect in households that have multiple kinds of mobile devices. The charger can optimize itself for different charging environments, no matter if you prefer a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone 10. While the iPhone will receive fewer watts, the company still says the charger will bring your phone to full charge faster than other brands.

Your protective case, as long as it is thin and made of a material other than metal, does not need to be removed. This will give ultimate flexibility in when you decide to charge. An LED indicator will also keep you posted about when your phone is fully charged.

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