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Best walkie talkies

Best walkie talkies
(Image credit: Motorola)

This collection of the best walkie talkies includes rugged, reliable tools for outdoor use, child-friendly handsets and some options for in between. The longest range handsets are capable of covering up to three miles and can be operated hands-free. Some of these walkie talkies are rechargeable, while others use batteries. 

Best overall

Motorola walkie talkies

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola t42 talkabout PMR446 walkie talkies (opens in new tab)

Three-pack steal

The best battery-powered walkie talkies take AAA batteries and should last for up to 18 hours at a time. They come in a pack of three in green, blue and orange colours. Plus, the range is 4km, and the handsets are easy to pair. 

Best for outdoors

Motorola walkie talkie

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola T92 H2O PMR446 radio walkie talkies (opens in new tab)

Designed for outdoor activities

The best walkie talkies for outdoor activities are this pair of high-visible yellow handsets that have flashlights included. It has eight standard channels, plus extra privacy options to block other conversations. They're also waterproof and you can make an emergency, hands-free call and alert your group with a warning noise if you get into trouble.

Best for the pros

walkie talkie

(Image credit: Amazon)

eSynic 4-pack Walkie Talkies (opens in new tab)

Features a head set and VOX function

Perfect for pros because of its super long battery life and head set features, this 4-piece set of walkie talkies has a hands-free design. Its range is 3km and has 16 channels. There are two ways to charge and included accessories. 

Best for kids

Zexrow walkie talkies

(Image credit: Zexrow)

Zexrow walkie talkies for kids (opens in new tab)

From three years and above

For children aged three and above, these are the best walkie talkies. They're affordable in case they need to get replaced, they're really simple to use, and designed to perfectly fit in a child's hand. Plus, they're powered by AAA batteries and have a range of just 200-300 metres to keep kids at a comfortable distance. 

Over and out

The best walkie talkies have long-range and long battery life. We love the Motorola t42 talkabout PMR446 walkie talkies (opens in new tab) for those features and the cool colours. However if you more of the outdoorsy type, you'll want waterproof walkie talkies like that Motorola T92 H2O PMR446 radio walkie talkies (opens in new tab).

The best walkie talkies for children are from Zexrow (opens in new tab)and have a limited range so the children can play safely.