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Best tactical backpacks

Best tactical backpacks
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Tactical backpacks are perfect for camping or remote environments. But you do need to make sure that the backpack you choose is durable and can hold plenty of gear, as you will definitely be far from the nearest shop. We have picked a number of tactical backpacks below for different budgets and different needs. Our best pick is the G4Free Military Tactical Backpack due to its comfort, compartments and ability to endure tough outdoor conditions.

Best overall

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G4Free Military Tactical Backpack (opens in new tab)

This backpack is a hardy and worthy choice for any environment

The G4Free Military Tactical Backpack has excellent capacity and durability for your road trips. The backpack has about 40 litres of capacity with webbing on the front and side of the backpack to allow for even more space outside of the backpack. You'll also find it a hardy companion, since the fabric is polyester, wrinkle resistant and hard to bend out of shape.

While the backpack is durable, it can be customized through an adjustable and detachable chest strap and a waist belt that can help you adjust the length for your body. You even have the option to remove these items if the backpack feels too bulky. For areas with little water, there is even a spot where you can hold a 3-litre bladder along with a hose so that you can stay hydrated.

Best accessory storage

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Mardingtop Tactical Backpack (opens in new tab)

Lots of webbing will fit extra accessories on this backpack

The Mardingtop Tactical Backpack includes lots of space for your accessories, thanks to the included Molle webbing that will let you attack tactical bags, gearboxes, a sleeping bag, tarp or other needed items for the road. Padded shoulders are designed not only to keep you comfortable under heavy loads, but they are also designed to allow air circulation along the back -- reducing those sweaty excursions. While the backpack is not completely waterproof, it should be good for light rain conditions and it will certainly hold your things safely in a tent.

Best multi-function

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Huntvp Daypack Tactical Military Backpack (opens in new tab)

Equally versatile for motorcyling or camping

The Huntvp Daypack Tactical Military Backpack can take you just about any place, whether you are looking for a fitness challenge, for some storage for motorcycle gear, or for something to store your things in rugged conditions. It is durable and waterproof and includes Molle webbing to adapt for many types of excursions. The structure even allows you to fit a laptop inside, although you may prefer to leave electronics behind in more difficult environments.

Best design

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Kombat Unisex Outdoor Assault Pack (opens in new tab)

Great for all genders and for many conditions

The Kombat Unisex Outdoor Assault Pack, as the name implies, is great for different body sizes and genders. It has a large main compartment for your main items and two front utility pockets to keep smaller items safe from being squashed. An adjustable waist strap and padded and adjustable shoulder straps should enhance your comfort.

Bottom line

Our top pick is the G4Free Military Tactical Backpack (opens in new tab) due to its capacity and its ability to adapt for different needs. It has ample space inside the backpack, with 40 litres of capacity, along with webbing on the exterior for those extra items you may need to bring on the road. The fabric is water-resistant and hardy for harsh environments, standing up against the threat of wrinkles and tear.

While the backpack won't easily bend out of shape, the optional chest strap and waist belt can let you customize it better for your body shape. Or, if you prefer, you can leave these items behind to save on space, mass and bulk. You have the option of toting water with you, as the backpack has a 3-litre bladder space to keep you hydrated in harsh environments.

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