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Best smart wireless meat thermometers

Smart wireless meat thermometer
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A meat thermometer is essential in cooking beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and more to perfection. As well as saving you from the disappointment of overdone dinners, it will reassure you that what you’re serving is safe to eat. The top wireless thermometers make monitoring easy, and these are the best around.

Best overall

Inkbird IBT-2X Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer

(Image credit: Inkbird)

Inkbird IBT-2X Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer

Accurate cooking

This neat design is Android and iOS compatible. On the app, you can select the type of meat and how you want it cooked. It’s designed for the barbecue but will work for the oven as well. It promises temperature accuracy for safe and tasty meat, and the alarm will let you know when it’s done. 

Best cable free

Meater 100% Wireless Meat Thermometer

(Image credit: Meater)

Meater 100% Wireless Meat Thermometer

Estimates cooking and resting time for meat

This thermometer really is wireless since even the probe is cable-free. It has dual sensors, one at the tip to monitor the heat of the meat and one at the other end to check the ambient temperature. You can keep track of the cooking using the app on a smart device or via Alexa, plus, there’s even an estimator algorithm that helps you plan the meal.

Best for several meats

Uzone Wireless Meat Thermometer

(Image credit: Uzone)

Uzone Wireless Meat Thermometer

Pre-set temperatures for 11 options

You’ll get an LCD screen with this model, or you can stay in control of the cooking via the Android and iOS apps. Use the pre-sets for different barbecue meats and doneness levels, or add customized settings. There are four probes, which are expandable to six, so you can keep track of lots of different meats at once.

Best design

Bfour Smart Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

(Image credit: Bfour)

Bfour Smart Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Super simple set-up

This attractive option has won a Red Dot Design award. The central unit has a clear backlit display with both the current and pre-set temperatures shown. With Bluetooth 5.0 the range is around 200 feet, so you can use the iPhone or Android app to control and monitor progress and get alerts as and when your food is cooked.

Safely tasty

Whether you’re grilling, barbecuing, smoking, or simply cooking a roast in the oven, a meat thermometer allows you to manage and monitor the cooking process to help ensure you don’t under or overcook your meat. The Inkbird IBT-2X Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer will give you accurate results, and works in the kitchen oven as well as for your alfresco cooking.

The Meater 100% Wireless Meat Thermometer is a sleek option because it’s completely wire-free. The Android and iOS apps are so easy to read, too.

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