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Best smart light switches

smart light switches
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These smart light switches will show you how to get more control over your lights. Automation will be easy through apps and integrations with Amazon Echo and other types of voice control. Check out our picks for the best light switches below. 

Best for hue

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Philips Hue smart wireless dimmer switch (opens in new tab)

Minimum fuss for light flexibility

The Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch is not only installation-free, but it also allows you to dim or brighten up to 10 lights for games, movies, or other devices. You'll need to buy a separate Hue Bridge and Smart Hub to access all functionality, but the system is compatible with many home automation systems such as Amazon Echo. 

You can place the device anywhere you need using either screws or adhesive tape. Alternatively, you can keep the device loose and use it as a remote control so you don't need to get up from your seat.

Best design

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Lightwave L22 Smart Series Dimmer (opens in new tab)

Cool stainless steel look

The Lightwave L22 Smart Series Dimmer promises your home automation will be an "adventure" — and that automation sure looks good with a stainless steel appearance. The dimmer can be installed with no extra wiring, and once in place, you can control it manually or from home automation. Two-way communication from the dimmer will show you what state the dimmer is in, from whatever location you're at.

Best compatability

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Orbeor touch switch (opens in new tab)

Talks with Alexa or Google Home

If you prefer voice controls, the Orbeor Touch Switch is perfect for your needs. It can work directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to set the wireless light switch exactly as you need. Note that you will need to install the switch in an area with a neutral, load, and live wire for it to work properly.

Best app

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Jinvoo smart WiFi light switch panel (opens in new tab)

Automation is a snap with the app

The Jinvoo smart WiFi Light Switch Panel has an app that makes it easy to update your home automation, once the switch is installed. Compatible with both the App Store and Google Play, all you need to do is enable "skills" to take control of your lights. The app allows you to see the current state of each electrical appliance, just to make sure you have the lights working as you wish.

Bottom line

The Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch (opens in new tab) gives you the best value for your money. It's compatible with several home automation systems and just requires a couple of extra devices (a Smart Hub and a Huge Bridge) for full flexibility.

Installing the dimmer takes little more than screws or adhesive tape. Once your dimmer is in place, it allows you to quickly dim or brighten up to 10 lights for different uses.

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