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Best scrunchies

Best scrunchies
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A good scrunchie is something everyone needs to own because, at some point, you’re going to want to pull your hair back. And scrunchies don’t just look good; they can also be good for your hair too. Most damage and breakage to hair comes during the detangling process, aka when you remove your hair tie, but a scrunchie can help change all that. Because of the layer of fabric around the elastic, scrunchies offer an extra layer of protection that you don’t have with a traditional hairband, so you won’t take out half your hair when you’re removing it.

Best overall

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Velvet hair scrunchies

Pure luxe for your ponytail

Everyone deserves to have a little bit of luxury when it comes to styling their hair. This pack of 12 velvet hair scrunchies comes in a variety of different colours ranging from royal blue to rose red. They’re made from a soft, velvet material with a tough rubber band so you can get a good grip of your hair without it causing pain.  

Best for fine hair

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10 premium hair scrunchies velvet tie dye

Add more volume with these scrunchies

The best thing about scrunchies is that if you have fine hair, they can create the illusion of more volume. This pack of 10 scrunchies is made from premium Korean velvet and come in a variety of colours. They are perfect for ponytails, braids, buns or even as a fashion accessory on your wrist. The elastic band inside of the material is strong, durable and will leave your hair looking good all day long. 

Best animal print

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4 pack bright leopard print hair scrunchies

Release your inner animal with this pack of animal print scrunchies

If you are looking for a hairpiece that will make a statement, then this pack of 4 leopard print scrunchies will do the job. Whether you have thick curly hair or fine, thin hair, these scrunchies are made from a quality material that won’t pull or tangle your tresses. Also when not using in your hair, these double up as an attractive wrist accessory.

Best multipack

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45-piece hair scrunchie multipack

You’ll never be without a scrunchie with this 45-pack

If you’ve ever mislaid your hair tie, then you’ll understand how great this pack of 45 scrunchies is. They are made from 100% smooth velvet and come in a rainbow of different colours. The material is thin, but this makes it ideal for being able to put into place, so you get the look you want the first time. They also benefit from being machine washable, so if you use a lot of products, you can keep your scrunchies looking fresh. 

Best metalic

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Molyhua hair scrunchies

Sparkle with this holographic fabric

Shine like a diamond with these metallic hair scrunchies from Molyhua. This pack contains 24 scrunchies in 8 different designs with each scrunchie having a two-side gradient colour for that extra wow effect. These scrunchies are made from high-quality holographic fabric with a flexible, rubber band that will hold your hair in place whatever you’re doing. 

Best for thick hair

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Slip silk skinnies scrunchie

Be good to your tresses with these slip silk scrunchies

Taming thick hair isn’t always an easy task, but it’s made a lot easier with these slip silk scrunchies. If you like to tie your hair up whilst you sleep these scrunchies are for you. Not only do they not use cotton which can cause hair to dry out and snap at the root, but they also reduce friction by 43% on average, so you won’t find your hair being tugged and pulled overnight. The high-quality Slipsilk they are made from can get rid of creases and ridges that you often get when using regular hair bands. 

In conclusion

There is nothing quite like a scrunchie to help your hair look good day or night. We love the velvet hair scrunchies because they are soft and luxurious and come in a range of beautiful colours. We were also impressed by the good solid grip these scrunchies offered. 

The slip silk skinnies were also top of our list. These are a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy crease-free locks. We love that they are also designed to be slept in and will keep your hair looking healthy.