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Best screen protectors for the iPhone XS   

Best screen protectors for the iPhone XS   
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Screen protectors are probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep your phone in pristine condition. We’ve all been there, a simple lapse in concentration and you hear your iPhone XS slam to the floor, and the sound of a cracking screen seems to play out in slow motion. But if you’re savvy, then you’ll protect your phone before any accidents happen. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best screen protectors for the iPhone XS so you can protect your iPhone in style. 

Best overall

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Anker iPhone X/Xs screen protector (opens in new tab)

Double protection with reinforced glass

If you want an iPhone protector that won’t break the bank but still offer adequate quality protection, then the Anker iPhone XS screen protector is for you. It uses reinforced tempered glass which will provide twice as much protection as the non-tempered versions. 

It is also effective against scratches and fingerprints whilst still offering full sensitivity to help you continue to whizz around your home screen. It supports 3D Touch, so you don’t have to give up using fingerprint recognition when you add this protector. 

Best anti-glare

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Skinomi matte screen protector (opens in new tab)

Don’t let the sun stop you using your device

There is nothing worse than when you’re trying to look at your iPhone, and the sun bounces off the screen. The Skinomi matte screen protector will not only protect your screen from scratches and marks but will also reduce glare and improve visibility. It offers easy installation and has a liquid solution that will allow you to make adjustments, so the protector gets installed correctly. It is made using a flexible, self-healing elastic polymer material for long-lasting protection. 

Best privacy screen

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Syncwire privacy screen protector (opens in new tab)

Stop prying eyes in their tracks with this privacy screen protector

The Syncwire privacy screen protector is the perfect screen protector to use when you’re either travelling or in the office to stop prying eyes being able to see what’s on your screen. When using this screen protector, it's impossible for people to see what is on your screen at any angle over 45 degrees. It’s six times stronger than regular tempered glass, so it is ideal if you have a habit of dropping your phone. It does make your screen a little darker, but it won’t affect your front camera or interfere with Face ID. 

Best for clarity

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Syncwire iPhone iPhone X/XS Screen Glass (opens in new tab)

Perfect choice for a crystal clear screen

If you’re looking for crystal clear clarity for your iPhone screen, then this ultra-clear screen protector is coated with both hydrophobic and oleophobic layers to protect the glass against oily fingerprints, rain or sweat. It has six times the strength of regular tempered glass, so it will withstand any drops or falls. The screen hardness is ranked at 9H so your screen will be safe from coins or keys when in your bag or pocket. 

Best full body

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We love case (opens in new tab)

All over protection for your phone

If you’re looking for a full-body solution to protect your iPhone, we love case offers a perfect fit. It has a dual-layer construction that wraps around the whole phone with a raised lip edging that will protect the camera and screen. It’s compatible with wireless charging. Designed to be shockproof and dustproof, this screen protector is ideal if you’re playing sports, working in construction or enjoy being outdoors. 

The bottom line

iPhones are an expensive purchase, and when you make an investment, you want to do everything in your power to protect it. So we think the Anker iPhone X/Xs screen protector (opens in new tab) is the perfect way to help you do that. We love that it offers crystal clear clarity without reducing any of the sensitivity of the home screen. 

The We love case (opens in new tab)is also another top pick. Because it wraps around the whole phone, we think it offers better protection against knocks and drops. It also safeguards the phone from scratches and marks made by keys or coins rubbing against it.