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Best robot mops

Best robot mops
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These devices will keep your living quarters clean. Robot mops will take over most of the cleaning job for you, whether you have small children or pets or just don't feel like picking up after yourself.

Best Overall

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iRobot Braava m6134

Messes don't have a chance with this robot

The Braava m6134 is a valuable addition to your household. The robot can learn its way around the home and head to exactly the room that needs cleaning, on-demand. Furniture and other obstacles won't bother it and it will take care to stay away from stairs and doorways.

The cleaning action is efficient, including mopping pads that will attack any grease, dust, or pet hair on the ground. If needed, a precision jet spray will let loose to remove the worst of the mess without sticking to any furniture or walls nearby.

Best Efficiency

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Ecovacs Robotics N79S

Powerful app and voice controls

The ECOVACS Robotics N79S connects easily with Alexa or Google Home Voice to let you figure out where the robot should go next. Cleaning can take place in four specialised cleaning modes that can tackle anything from tough spot cleaning to an edge mode to reach into corners. Included with the robot is anti-drop and anti-collision systems, a deep-reach brush and a dustbin that is easy to empty.

Best Washer

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ILIFE W400 Shinebot

Your floors will look shinier than ever

This robot is so devoted to washing your floor that it will do so in four steps: moistening the stains, scrubbing the floor, scooping off any waste water and washing away any remaining stains. Its new TidalPower cleaning system is meant for high-traffic areas such as dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The robot even includes separated compartments for clean and dirty water.

Best Navigation

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Roborock S6 2-in-1 Robot Hoover

Includes a laser and intelligent navigation

The Roborock S6 2-in-1 sure knows how to find its way around. The robot includes a 32-bit quad-core processor to figure out the fastest and best route to clean the room. Included are dodging and detecting devices such as an accelerometer, which will keep the robot safe from any active children or pets. The company says the mapping abilities on the Roborock will clean with up to 98 percent accuracy.

Bottom line

The iRobot Braava m6134 is our best pick for robot mopping. The robot can cover a lot of ground efficiently, moving between rooms, or carefully cleaning larger spaces. Its navigation sensors will keep it moving around rugs, furniture, and everything else in its path.

With iRobot Braava's mapping technology, it will get to know your house quickly and will move exactly to the spot that needs attention now. It also has pads that can pick up pet hair and other dirt and dust, allowing it to swoop into the messiest places swiftly.

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