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Best portable DVD players

Best portable DVD players
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Portable DVD players let you keep up with your favourite videos even when you're on the road, or in your living quarters away from your preferred viewing device. All the options listed here are safe bets for reliability and battery life, and we pick the Apeman 7.5-inch Portable DVD Player as the best choice. Read on for the best picks for portable DVD players in the list below.

Best overall

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Apeman 7.5-inch Portable DVD Player

This player is an affordable and robust option

The Apeman Portable DVD Player bundles affordability with convenience, allowing you to easily port your DVDs around with a 7.5-inch screen. It is lightweight and has a long battery life, allowing you to use it for applications like road trips, camping, or moving your movies to different zones in the same house.

The design is a treat, including a black patterned plastic cover and aluminium press keys. The screen swivels beautifully with 180-degree rotation on the left side and 90-degree rotation on the right. Gamers will also appreciate the USB that can accommodate gaming joysticks. No matter what form of entertainment you choose, the battery will keep you going for four hours.

Best screen

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Wonnie Portable DVD Player

Bright and vibrant colours enhance your viewing experience

The bright and brilliant screen on the Wonnie Portable DVD Player delivers a punch in a relatively small size. At 9.5 inches, the 1204 by 600 swivel screen makes it easy to pivot the device for a larger group of people gathering around the video player. Battery life is excellent, standing at five hours. It includes a car charger to help with those long trips.

Best TV substitute

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Apeman 9.5-inch Screen Portable DVD Player

The big screen is ideal for looking at details

If you need to have multiple devices running in your living quarters at the same time, this Apeman is an affordable yet vibrant option that is almost as great as a full-sized television. Easy connectivity with an SD card and USB support allows you to plug other types of devices into the player. A large, 9.5-inch colour LCD screen easily swivels and pivots for family members' needs. A large capacity battery keeps the device powered for long road trips or for households with few plugs to spare.

Best sound

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ieGeek Portable DVD Player

Fantastic sound in a small package

The sound on the ieGeek Portable DVD Player is incredible, with two high-powered speakers creating a near-theatre experience in a small box. Multiple charging options are available, including a car charger so that you can keep going on the road. You will also get a beautiful screen with a protective shell, making this a durable device even with little ones riding along.

Bottom line

The Apeman 7.5-inch Portable DVD Player is a smart option in a small package. It is lightweight and portable and includes long battery life, making it ideal for households that have few extra spots to plug-in devices, or long car trips with kids in the car.

The design looks sleek, including a black cover and aluminum press keys. For times when you have bad lighting or when you want multiple people to gaze at the device, the screen swivels for 180-degree viewing. Gamers can plug into the device with gaming joysticks.

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