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Best paper blinds

Best Paper blinds
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If you’re looking for a way to protect your windows from prying eyes while staying on budget, then paper blinds could be the ideal solution. Unlike traditional blinds that need to be made to measure, a paper alternative comes in one size and can be cut down to size to fit any window. 

Paper blinds are best for rental properties, students, or anyone else who doesn't want the hassle of drilling holes and making a mess. One of the main benefits of these blinds is that they are easy to fit and can be installed within minutes. 

We’ve hunted down our favourite paper blinds that will help transform your house into a home. 

Best overall

BEst overall paper blinds

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Caraselle paper blinds

Just cut, stick and go

With no need for drilling or screws, the Caraselle paper blinds are the best way to upgrade your living space without spending a fortune. This product is the perfect alternative solution to conventional blinds and can be cut to size for all windows or doors with lengths up to 183cm. They come complete with height-adjustable clips to allow you to let in as much or as little light as you require. The other bonus is that these blinds are in a set of three so you can kit out more than one room. These blinds are easy to fit and look great inside and out. 

Best for blackout

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Keep the light out with style

These temporary blackout blinds offer privacy and a  blackout solution in minutes. 

Ideal for those situations where you may want to limit the light coming in such as a baby's bedroom or cinema room, these blinds come with colour matching clips so you can adjust the level of light accordingly.  They are ideal if you don’t want a permanent solution as they do not require permanent fixing therefore won’t leave any marks when you remove them. 

These Blind-in-a-Box paper blackout blinds are 183cm x 91cm and can be cut to size for smaller windows or for larger frames, you can hang two or more together. As they come in a pack of three you will always have a spare if you need one. 

Best roller

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East Green roller window blind

Light, fresh and paper

Lightweight and stylish this paper roll-up blind is perfect in any setting. It offers quality and durability and will help you gain extra privacy in your home without blocking out the natural light. 

This blind has the approximate dimensions of 120cm width x 160 cm drop and due to the wood backing, it's not the easiest blind to cut down. It includes all the relevant fixing screws and brackets so you can install it in no time. This really is the ideal paper blind for a kitchen, bathroom, or even a bedroom thanks to its eastern-inspired design.  

Best budget

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Instant Temporary Pleat Blinds

Fast, easy and a choice of colours

If you’re looking for a quick fix that won’t cost the earth then this instant temporary pleat blind is the one for you. It comes in a variety of different colours including white, red, blue, purple, and green so it should be easy to match it with your decor.

The blind comes in three different sizes; 60 x 150cm, 90 x 150cm, and 90 x 180cm so you can choose the size that’s closest to your window and then just cut down to fit. These blinds offer a shading rate of between 40-70% depending on which colour you choose.  

Best light filter

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Sunfree Light Filtering

Keep the light out

Sometimes a paper blind may be more about keeping the light out than privacy so these Sunfree light filtering shades offer a non-toxic, breathable, and environmentally friendly solution. 

They are installed in four simple steps, just wipe the area clean, size and cut the blind, remove the adhesive and then press and paste to your desired area. They come in two sizes, 90 x 180cm drop and 120cm x 180cm drop so are suitable for most windows. You can also pick from three colours; grey, white or black, and each blind comes with two handy clips to help you adjust the level of light you want coming in.

Best bundle

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Temposhade Original

The only six pack you need in your home

The Temposhade original comes in a six-pack giving you the option to add a little bit of privacy to more than one room. They are 100% cordless and you have two small acrylic holding clips to adjust the blinds to your desired position during the daytime. These impressive paper blinds are provided with two lines of tape for a more ‘permanent’ hold. As well as the tape they also come with push pins for extra holding power if you’re fixing them to plasterboard or wood.  These blinds come in a light filtering white or a blackout black so whatever your preference, there’s a style for you. 

It's time to throw some shade

If you’re looking for a neat and easy way to upgrade your windows without having to drill holes then paper blinds are the perfect solution. They are ideal for rental properties, new builds, man caves, offices, and much more. We love the Caraselle paper blinds because these pleated paper blinds won’t sag or flatten and they are mess-free. 

We also think that the Sunfree Light Filtering paper blinds are a good buy, especially if you have pets or children as they don’t have lines, chains, or fixtures taking away the danger of them getting tangled. Also, the longer drop option is ideal for those who want to hang them on doors or have larger windows.