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Best Lego Set

Lego set
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Lego sets can help you pass the time whilst unleashing your creative side. And the best thing about Lego is that it’s suitable for all ages. Whether you’re buying a set for a young child to learn through play or you're looking for something intricate and complex to build, there’s a lego set for everyone. It’s also a great family activity, and with designs ranging from famous buildings to popular movie characters, there’s a huge variety available. We’ve taken a look at all the Lego sets on the market to help you get building. 

Best overall

lego set

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LEGO classic brick box (opens in new tab)

Build your own buildings with this 790 piece set

Get ready to build your own buildings with this 790 piece lego set. Perfect for ages from 4 - 99, it’s a great way to get creative. This set has bricks in 33 different colours as well as lots of different components such as windows and doors so you can bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re new to lego or already have other sets, it’s a great buy. 

Best budget

Lego set

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LEGO 11001 Classic Bricks  (opens in new tab)

A classic lego set for all ages and budgets

This 123 piece kit is perfect for children 4 and over. It can be used with other lego sets or as a stand-alone set. It includes a selection of colourful bricks and pieces such as eyes, hinges, and wheels to help you build and create classic lego toys. 

Best for all ages

Lego set

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LEGO 10715 classic bricks on a roll construction set (opens in new tab)

For ages 4 - 99 this set is for everyone

Give your lego creation wheels with this bricks-on-a-roll set. This set includes 442 pieces which will help you to build everything from a wheelchair to a caravan trailer - if it’s on wheels, you can build it. Whatever your age, this lego set will help to free your creative side and build exciting moving models. 

Best for younger children

Lego set

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LEGO 10907 DUPLO town world animals (opens in new tab)

Encourage early learning through play

It’s never too early to get involved in lego and with this set, children over 24 months can start to refine their motor skills and start learning through the medium of play. This set allows users to build five environments including a forest, a savannah, a tropical beach, and Antarctica. It has 15 vibrant animal figures as well as Duplo figures including a traveller, pilot, and surfer.  

Best for 12+

Lego set

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LEGO 75255 Star Wars Yoda construction set (opens in new tab)

A must have for any Star Wars fan

Who wouldn’t want their own Yoda? Build your own LEGO version of this loveable Star Wars character that stands at 16 inches tall. It’s incredibly detailed with a posable head, moveable fingers and toes, and of course, Yoda’s signature green lightsaber. The kit also comes with a plaque that’s full of facts about the Jedi Master. 

Best architecture

Lego set

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LEGO 21034 Architecture London Skyline (opens in new tab)

Build your own view of London

The London Skyline is one of the most popular in the world and now you can build your very own Lego model. It includes famous monuments such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Nelson’s column. Not only do you get all the pieces to create this skyline, but there is also a book that contains all the history and design facts you need to know about each of the buildings included. There are 468 pieces, and it’s suitable for ages 12 plus. 

Bottom line

Whatever design you want to achieve, there’s a Lego set that can help bring your visions to reality. We love the LEGO 10698 classic large creative brick box (opens in new tab) because it has everything you need, whether you’re new to Lego or an expert builder. The vibrant colours alongside the various shapes make this lego the perfect set for all. 

The Lego Star Wars (opens in new tab) set is great fun. Intricate and complex, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you couldn’t fail to be impressed by this build. You also get a bonus mini figure which sits alongside the fact plaque.