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Best LEGO Marvel sets

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These epic LEGO Marvel sets will let you deploy your virtual superpowers. The Marvel Avengers War Machine is our best overall pick, and there are more sets available to let you explore this comic book universe. Depending on your preferences, other sets feature Iron Man, Spider-Man, or various other superheroes. Read the best ideas below.

Best overall

(Image credit: Amazon)

Marvel Avengers War Machine

Sturdy and highly posable figure

The Marvel Avengers War Machine will let you recreate some of the epic scenes from the Marvel Avengers movies. Included are an opening minifigure cockpit, a six-stud rapid shooter, 2 detachable stud-shooting cannons, 2 flick missiles, and a storage compartment. You'll get four Marvel Universe minifigures in the package: War Machine, Ant-Man, and two Outriders.

Customers love the design and how easy it is to pose the minifigure in different positions during your virtual battles. It's sturdy enough to hold together for hours of play. 

Best variety

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Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor

This Iron Man lab will bring out your inner Tony Stark

Iron Man is one of Marvel's most iconic characters, and this lab will let you suit up in the famous suit. Included here are a desk, kitchen, weapon storage, tool storage, and Iron Man suit storage modules. You'll get an incredible six minifigures to recreate any of the numerous Iron Man or Avengers movies in which he appears.

Best realism

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Marvel Spider-Man Molten Man Battle

Includes an amazing grip and quick-fire action

Marvel Spider-Man Molten Man is a fun choice for its action capabilities, including a rapid-fire gun and a claw that can grip just about any Lego figurine you can throw at it. The package has three marvel minifigures (which naturally, include Spider-Man and a web pack). Note that this is a newer version of Spider-Man that includes a black and grey stealth suit decoration; Mysterio is also a new addition to the package.

Best vehicle

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Marvel Avengers Endgame Outriders Attack

This is a sweet ride for your superhero

The Marvel Avengers Endgame Outriders Attack set is a beautiful ride for the included Captain America or any other minifigures you would like to put in the cockpit. It includes 2 shield shooters, detachable non-shooting blasters, a fold-down bike stand, and an exhaust flame element because after all, superheroes need all the fire they can get. Note that Captain America has a new helmet and Avengers team suit decoration, to celebrate the latest Avengers films.

Bottom line

Our pick is the Marvel Avengers War Machine due to its versatility. You can easily pose and move the figure around for different scenarios, whether you'd rather recreate the movies or do something a little different. The included set pieces have a lot of flexibility, between the opening cockpit, six-stud rapid shooters, the cannons, the missiles, and a storage compartment.

You'll get several good minifigures for your buy, including Ant-Man, War Machine, and two Outriders. The assembled set is durable for just about any epic battle you want to perform.

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