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Best laundry hampers

best laundry hampers
(Image credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

The best laundry hampers need to hold at least one washing load at a time and look good enough to be on display in your home. Luckily there are countless laundry hamper styles and designs to suit everyone's tastes. Our collection of the best laundry hampers includes simple and modern designs as well as some classic, subtle styles to organize your washing.

Best value

UOON laundry hamper

(Image credit: UOON)

UOON large laundry basket

Simple with plenty of colour choices

The best laundry hamper is simple, affordable, and comes in six different colours. The two ring handles make it easy to carry to the washing machine. And, despite its huge 82-litre capacity, it's not too bulky. The material is waterproof, moisture-proof, and dustproof. It can also fold down if you're not using it. This design robust, so it should last.

Easiest to use

MCleanPin laundry hamper

(Image credit: MCleanPin)

MCleanPin collapsable laundry hamper

Removable laundry bags for easy transportation

This laundry hamper can be lined with a removable hamper, which makes it super easy to move your dirty clothes to the washing machine. There's also the option to use a sorting card, so you can fill the laundry hamper with whites, colours, or darks. And it's big enough to hold two loads.

Best for sorting

DOKEHOM laundry hamper

(Image credit: DOKEHOM)

DOKEHOM large collapsible laundry basket

Sort your colours from your lights and darks

The best laundry hamper for sorting your washing into colours, lights, and darks, is this one from DOKEHOM. It also features ring handles to help you carry it to the washing machine and has a 60-litre capacity. Its durable polyester construction ensures all of your clothing is maintained and supported with each trip.

Best white wicker hamper

Arpan laundry hamper

(Image credit: Arpan)

Arpan large white wicker laundry hamper

Sturdy wicker laundry hamper

If you want a laundry hamper with a more classic look, this white wicker option from Arpan is perfect. It has an 85-litre capacity and is made from natural wicker, with a removable liner. Plus, it's a nice design, so it'll look great in most rooms.

Best minimalist hamper

mDesign laundry hamper

(Image credit: mDesign)

mDesign laundry hamper

Minimal design with removable bag

If you prefer your laundry hamper to blend into the background and be a bit more subtle, this option from mDesign is ideal. The bag is removable, so you can carry your laundry to the machine easily. And if it's empty, it folds away easy.

Best bamboo hamper

Vesganti laundry hamper

(Image credit: Vesganti)

Vesgantti 72L large bamboo foldable laundry basket

Classic bamboo style

This laundry hamper from Vesgantti is made from bamboo and available in a natural or brown finish. You can choose from a flip or removable lid, and it comes with a removable cotton lining. And it can be stored flat when you're not using it.

Load up the best laundry hampers

The best laundry hamper overall is a simple, yet robust option from UOON that comes with an affordable price tag. If it's too contemporary for your taste, you may prefer the classic white wicker basket, the wooden folding hamper, or the bamboo design instead.

If you want your laundry hamper to work harder for you, and help you to separate your colours, lights, and darks, then DOKEHOM's basket is the best. And if you'd like one that makes it super easy to move your washing to the machine, MCleanPin's hamper will be perfect.