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Best label maker

best label maker
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A good label maker is an ideal companion for anyone who likes to keep their space neat and organised. They can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as organising your files, labelling items in your pantry, crafting, or even in the workplace. Some label makers use ink, others toner, and there are even thermal imaging machines. So, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve selected the best label makers on the market today to suit all needs and budgets. 

Best overall

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Brother PT-D600VP label maker

Label like a pro with this machine

If you’re ready to start labelling like a pro, this machine allows you to print highly durable labels up to 24-millimetres wide. Ideal for home or the office, this label maker has internal memory and 99 user-created label designs. So, you can print custom labels with ease. It has a full-colour LCD screen, which presents each design before printing. You also have a choice of using the integrated QWERTY keyboard or plugging it into your PC or Mac for a wider choice of fonts. 

Best for crafters

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Brother PT-H200 label maker

Designed with crafting in mind

If you’re looking for a handheld label maker that has a full QWERTY keyboard, then the Brother PT-H200 deserves a space in your craft room. This maker offers six fonts and a range of decorative frames, patterns, and emojis, which can be printed on tapes and ribbon from 3.5 millimetres up to 12-millimetres wide. This is the perfect label maker for scrapbooking, card-making, bullet journaling, and home organisation.

Best budget

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Dymo Omega embossing label maker

Perfect for basic labelling

The Dymo omega offers a cheap and fuss-free label making experience. It embosses 49 different characters on to 9-millimetre strips, making it perfect for labelling food storage, school bags, files, and much more. It has an intuitive turn and click labelling system, so all members of the family can use this label maker with ease. It’s portable and can be used anywhere as no power supply or batteries are needed. 

Best for small business

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Phomemo M110 label maker

A multifunctional label maker ideal for businesses of any size

This mini label maker is powered by Bluetooth and easily connects to your mobile phone for simple printing. The app that accompanies this maker has a wide range of label templates, including clothing labels, price labels, address labels, and much more. This label maker uses thermal printing technology, so you do away with expensive ink or toner.

Best for contractors

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Dymo Rhino 4200 labelling machine

Ideal for anyone who wants a fast, portable, and precise label maker

The Dymo Rhino 4200 is capable of printing a variety of label types. It has a library of over 150 symbols and terms for electrical, pro AV/security, and facilities management, so it’s a great tool for any contractor. It has integrated rubber bumpers that can help prevent damage from accidental drops and falls, which is especially good for those who are working onsite. 

The bottom line

There are so many label makers on the market, it can be confusing to decide which one is best for you. The Brother PT-D600VP label maker is ideal for both personal and professional use. It’s easy to operate, and the full LCD screen means you can view your text before you print, saving a lot of time and money. 

We also love the Dymo Omega embossing label maker. It’s an old school machine that is simple to use. It’s so easy that even the smallest members of your family can hop onboard the labelling bandwagon to use it.