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Best Kegerators

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A kegerator is a must-have for those who love drinking draft beer. It prevents beer from losing its flavor and taste by keeping it chilled. The kegerator is a combination of a keg, a small barrel, and a refrigerator, designed to preserve drinks in bulk. Draft beer is served directly from the cask with a convenient tap, using inert gas to dispense the beverage in a hassle-free way.

You should consider a kegerator as an investment; it saves money, in the long run, because you're buying in bulk. So, we have done our homework to compile a list of the best choices you can make.

Staff pick

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EdgeStar KC3000 Full Size Kegerator

On wheels for easy transport from indoors to outside

The free-standing EdgeStar KC3000 can hold the larger oversized bevel-edge keg. It can also fit the smaller sizes. The simple to read control panel allows easy adjustment to set the beer temperature, which you can set to anywhere between 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The Deep Chill Mode button kicks the compressor into overdrive to rapidly cool the contents.

A guard rail, drip-tray, and castors are standard in addition to the two-wire shelves for refrigerator use. Pick your color from a choice of black or stainless steel.

Mini kegerator

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SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator

This is excellent to chill five liter kegs

Stand the SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator on your countertop and serve refreshing draft beer conveniently. It can hold a 5-liter keg of beer and thoroughly cool it in about 19-hours. The stainless-steel body has an adjustable temperature LED display to allow optimum beer temperatures.

A water drip tray keeps the surface clean, and the unit comes with three CO2 cartridges to deliver an excellent head to the pint. Gather a few friends and let them enjoy a fresh beer with you.

Double tap

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Kegco Black Stainless Kegerator

Two taps to serve different beers

This free-standing kegerator features a black cabinet with a stainless steel door to complement any decor. The large interior can handle any full-sized kegs, or it can also accommodate two 5-gallon barrels. The attractive styling is complimented with an easy to clean drip-tray, a chrome guard rail to prevent glasses sliding off, and castors to move the kegerator around.

A digital display and push-button controls allow easy control of the inside temperature and the fan-forced cooling can reduce the heat down to 32-degrees Fahrenheit. A deep chill function allows quick cooling by forcing the compressor to work continuously up to 24 hours.

Best value

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HomeCraft BK49BS Black Stainless Steel Full-Size Kegerator

The best value kegerator

The HomeCraft BK49BS can hold up to half-barrel sizes of beer to accommodate parties and social gatherings. It features a hard-top pouring station with a black tower for one tap, a removable drip tray, and a chrome guardrail.

The adjustable thermostat has seven settings to keep beer chilled as low as 32-degrees Fahrenheit while the single tap allows for an easy pull and release dispense.

For outdoors

(Image credit: EdgeStar)

EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP Full Size Tower Cooled Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

Full size and triple taps

Create the talk of the party by installing the ample storage EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP into your outdoor kitchen or bar. The forced-air refrigeration system and the extra insulation is perfect for outdoor use, and the kegerator is large enough to store a full-size keg or variations of smaller sizes.

The LED lighting gives easy visibility to the inside, and the three taps provide a more significant range of beers to serve. Now you have more reason to sit outside on a hot summer's night.

Full size for home use

(Image credit: Costway)

COSTWAY Full Size Kegerator

Convert to a fridge when a keg is not available

The large interior of the COSTWAY Full Size Kegerator can accommodate up to a half-keg of beer. When not used for a keg, it easily converts into a regular refrigerator. The compressor control is from a Min/Med/Max setting that can bring the temperature down to 34-degrees Fahrenheit.

A removable drip-tray collects spills and the guard rail prevents glasses from sliding off. Roll the Costway kegerator outside when you have a large gathering.

A kegerator provides bar-grade draft beer at home

Beer straight from the barrel is still the most popular preference around the world. The kegerator brings it to the home and preserves the beer at the optimal temperature for the best tasting drink at any time.

Buying in bulk is cheaper in the long term and so the kegerator will be a sensible investment. We think the most suitable purchase would be the EdgeStar KC3000 Full Size Kegerator as it can manage half-barrels or the larger oversized bevel edge kegs. The digital temperature display can control the compressor down to 32-degrees Fahrenheit, and a deep chill mode will put the compressor into overdrive to cool the contents faster.

Where space is at a premium, like an apartment, but fresh beer is still a priority, the SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator makes a perfect choice. Fit any standard 5-liter keg and start enjoying the draft taste. You get three CO2 cartridges with the kegerator.

Now you may drink beer how you enjoy it and at any time, without having to visit a bar.