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Best iPhone X screen protectors

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The iPhone X screen protectors listed here will do a great job protecting your device against bumps, scratches, and falls. We pick the JETech Screen Protector to do the job. It's durable, fingerprint-resistant, and easy to slide on to your phone. Other picks listed here are customized for certain case types, or advertise themselves as one-click installs for your device.

Best overall

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JETech Screen Protector

Incredible protection at a good price

This protective screen will keep your phone ready to go, even in harsh conditions. The JETech Screen Protector has extremely high hardness, making it so resistant that the company promises even knives can't scratch it. But you'll never know from looking at your phone that it's underneath such protective glass, as its transparency is crystal-clear.

Repeated touch on the glass won't produce fingerprints or dust, and the glass is perfectly easy to install -- just one push. The rounded edges will fit perfectly on the iPhone X, and a 2-pack design will let you use the protector on two devices -- making it perfect for family use, or work, and home phones. 

Best face recognition

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ESR Tempered-Glass

A little glass won't stop security measures from working

Face ID is no problem with the ESR Tempered-Glass screen protector, which can identify you even with the glass protection on. The surface is scratch-resistant, fingerprint-resistant, and literally a snap to install. You can easily fit a case around the protector. This screen protector is said to be at least three times stronger than the average, keeping your phone protected from inadvertent falls.

Best installation

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Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit

Just three simple steps keep your phone protected

The Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit has a super-easy install process: remove the protector film from the glass, put the installation tray on the phone, and then simply press and slide from top to bottom to fit it into place. The oleophobic coating will protect it from sweat and fingerpaint staining, while the tempered glass allows for good visibility for your screen underneath. If you're a loyal Spigen user, this protector is meant to fit with any case.

Best touch sensitivity

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Anker Glassguard

You can easily touch the screen, even through glass

The Anker GlassGuard not only lets you see through the glass, but it also supports 3D touch -- giving you exquisite sensitivity as you click the screen. Don't be fooled by the touch sensitivity, though, as the glass is reinforced and meant to be twice as strong as non-tempered alternatives. Scratches and fingerprints are protected against, too. The fit of the GlassGuard will move over most of the iPhone's screen, and if you happen to drop on the glass, the shatterproof membrane will keep the pieces together.

Bottom line

The JETech Screen Protector has the best value for durability among the iPhone X screen protectors. Knives won't be able to scratch the surface, but the transparency is still top-notch. Fingerprints and dust are unlikely to mar your viewing experience, and the rounded edges will slide perfectly on the phone.

There are other features as well that make this the best choice, including the one-push installation and the fact that two protectors are included with each package, allowing for you to protect multiple devices in a single buy.

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