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Best incense burner

Best incense burner
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Incense burners are a great way of adding a soothing and calming ambience to any home.  You can get incense in either stick or cone form and finding a good incense burner is essential to making sure that it’s held in place, controls the smoke, and doesn’t drop ash everywhere. 

There are so many incense burners on the market it can be difficult to decide which is best for you, they come in a variety of styles, materials and some even have added features. We’ve put together our top picks of incense burners to help you get your space smelling great.  

Best overall

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Spacekeeper backflow incense burner (opens in new tab)

Get lost in this amazing design

This incense burner has a positively hypnotic waterfall design. It works by placing an incense cone at the top of the burner, which then creates a cascading smoke effect that naturally flows down just like a waterfall. 

This backflow incense burner works with both incense cones and incense sticks. It comes with 120 cones and 30 sticks with fragrances including jasmine, lavender, rose, mint, and sandalwood. Each cone lasts up to 15 minutes making it the ideal accompaniment to a yoga or meditation session at home. 

Best wooden holder

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Kaizen casa incense burner (opens in new tab)

Simple, elegant and effective

This kaizen casa incense burner is a wooden holder that will sit comfortably on any table or mantlepiece to help the scent flow through your home. The burner has a shallow groove that will catch any ash, protecting your furniture, and keeping mess to a minimum. It has a pre-drilled hole for use with incense sticks but you can also use a cone if that’s your preference. 

This is the ideal incense holder for everyday use and due to its size, it’s easily portable from room to room. 

Best box

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Indus Lifespace Leaf (opens in new tab)

Handcrafted from sheesham wood

This beautiful box design is handcrafted from Indian Sheesham wood and is both durable and safe to burn into. 

You can burn either incense sticks or cones using this box as they each have a dedicated holder. Just simply light your incense, close the lid and wait for the smoke to permeate through the ventilation holes in the lid. 

This box also has the added feature of a hidden compartment to store unused sticks, keeping them neat and tidy.

Best budget

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Embossed Wooden Incense Boat (opens in new tab)

On-trend, on a budget

This simple wooden incense boat is the ideal solution for catching any ash or debris from your incense sticks. At the end of the holder, you’ll find an embossed image in gold of stars and a meditating Buddha.  

This is a handmade item in a traditional design and the quality may vary but for the price point, it’s excellent value. Sometimes simple and effective is all you need. 

Best for cones

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Temple incense cone burner (opens in new tab)

Handcrafted from local Indian wood

This beautifully designed and handcrafted temple style holder is designed to be used with incense cones. 

It has a detailed wooden base with a tilting top which is lifted to place the incense cone inside. After lighting the cone the top then firmly closes protecting your furniture and surroundings whilst the cone is burning. All ash will be captured inside making it easy to clean. 

 Made from local Indian wood, this incense holder would look great in all settings. 

Best for chakras

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Nemesis now ascending chakras (opens in new tab)

Clear your chakras with this Buddha inspired design

If you’re looking to align your chakras and also have a stylish incense burner to help you, the nemesis now ascending chakras incense burner belongs in your home. 

This is a bronze style holder featuring a meditating Buddha that is cast in resin and hand-painted to include a coloured chakra stone design. At 9” tall it’s made to hold a single standard-sized incense stick. A beautiful design to go with your favourite fragrance. 

Which incense burner will have you saying namaste 

There are so many different incense burners to choose from that it was a struggle just to stick to a reasonable amount of products for this review. But we definitely love the spacekeeper backflow incense burner (opens in new tab)because of its eye-catching design and the way the smoke flows like a waterfall leaves us feeling calm and relaxed all day long. 

Also top of our list is the Indus lifespace leaf (opens in new tab) which is a stunningly designed box that not only burns both incense sticks and cones but also doubles up as a handy storage unit thanks to its hidden compartment. This is ideal if you like to have your sticks and cones close to hand at all times.